Operations Specialist

Adam Martin

Adam is an experienced Operations Specialist with a love of the outdoors and a passion for hiking, diving and photography.

A boyhood dream of being an an adventurer and storyteller created his desire to explore the world. He has stood in awe of Mount Everest from the world’s highest monastery in Tibet, witnessed the perfect sunrise over Angkor Wat, dived with squadrons of manta rays in Indonesia, watched a fiery sunset from atop a temple in Bagan, been dwarfed by storms rolling over the steppes of Mongolia, traipsed through the jungles of Borneo looking for wild orangutans, watched the funeral pyres burning bright on the banks of the Ganges and stood atop Mount Kinabalu as the first rays of a new day cast shadows on to the clouds.

As well as many years of tour guiding in South East Asia, Adam has extensive experience hiking Australia’s iconic trails and exploring New Zealand. More recently, he has guided hikes in the Tasmania wilderness and helped run Remote Area First Aid courses on cattle stations.

As RAW Travel’s Operations Specialist, Adam looks forward to going above and beyond for every client while ensuring that the impact of our trips on local communities is always positive and beneficial. 

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