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Daniel Arias

Daniel was born and raised in a town along the Camino of Santiago, close to O Cebreiro and in the mystical Galician Mountains. As a young adult Daniel moved to Santiago de Compostela to attend university and completed a degree in Political Sciences and a Masters Degree in International Migrations, crystalizing his passion for travel.

For many years, Daniel worked and travelled in Europe. While based in Calabria, Daniel worked as a journalist, acquiring a deep understanding of Italian culture. He took advantage of a stint in the Basque country on the northern Spanish and French border to walk all of the Atlantic Coast from Paris to his base in Biarritz, getting to know Normandy, Brittany, La Rochelle, Bourdeaux and Landes. Daniel then worked in the hustle and bustle of London, and also Scotland where, as a tour guide, he picked up a Scottish twang and became good friends with the Loch Ness Monster!

Daniel lives in the Basque area close to Saint Jean Pied de Port. He is thoroughly enjoying working as one of the local Spain representatives for RAW Travel and explaining to Australian ‘pilgrims’ why there are so many Eucalyptus trees in Galicia!

As well as helping clients out with the day-to-day issues that arise with their itineraries, Daniel makes recommendations on highlights to visit along the Camino. Only somebody born and raised in the ‘O Cebreiro’ area and on the Camino can best describe the significance of the Camino of Santiago.

One day Daniel would like to walk from Santiago to Jerusalem and walk the length of the Mediterranean Sea.

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