Trip Gradings

RAW Travel Trip Gradings

RAW Travel offers a range of multi-day walks for complete beginners through to demanding treks that will satisfy and thrill even veteran adventurers. We have graded each RAW Travel trip from 1 (introductory) to 10 (tough).

Our grading system is intended to differentiate only the walks that RAW Travel offers, so they won’t necessarily match another travel company’s assessment of their trips.

We have used several criteria to assess the difficulty of each walk we offer, including the number of hours walking required each day, terrain and conditions underfoot, weather, gradient, altitude, signage and facilities. Basic accommodation and food in remote areas will contribute to a walk being graded more difficult. Keep in mind that if a walk is graded moderate, it doesn’t mean you will never feel tired.

Our multi-day walks require a suitable level of physical preparation. More detail is provided in our essential free guides to getting walking fit, available for each of our destinations.

Trip Gradings



Via Francigena | 4-5 Moderate


Nakasendo Way | 4-6 Moderate to Challenging

Kumano Kodo | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous


Coast to Coast Path | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

Cotswold Way | 5 (Moderate with challenging sections)

South West Coast Path | 6 Challenging

Saint's Way | 5 Moderate

Cornish Camino | 6 Challenging

Yoga Hiking Adventures

Portuguese Coastal Camino | 3-4 Moderate

Japan | 4-6 Moderate to Challenging

Spain | 3-4 Moderate

Nepal | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

India | 3-4 Moderate


Salkanty Camping | 7-8 Strenuous

Lares Trek | 7-8 Strenuous

Salkanty Lodge Trek | 7-8 Strenuous


Annapurna Trails | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

Everest Lower Trail | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

Everest Base Camp | 8 Strenuous

Upper Mustang | 7-8 Strenuous

Camino de Santiago routes

Portuguese Coast Camino | 4-5 Moderate to Challenging

Camino Francés | 4-6 Moderate to Challenging

Le Puy Camino (France) | 5-6 Challenging


Highlights | 7 Strenuous

Julian Alps & Coast | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

Vineyards, Karst & Coast | 4-6 Moderate to Challenging

European Alps

Swiss Alps | 6-7 Challenging to Strenuous

Dolomites | 7 Strenuous

Tour Du Mont Blanc | 7 Strenuous