Kumano Kodo

Hiking ancient paths in traditional Japan

There is a Japan that exists far away from the modern era, where you can walk a 1000-year-old trail past ancient shrines, through thick forests and endless mountain vistas. Where at the end of each day you can soak in an onsen hot bath while you relive the day’s experiences and await a multi-course feast of delicious Japanese cuisine. Experience traditional hospitality and marvel at grand shrines amidst awe-inspiring nature. This is a Japan that will surprise and delight you at every turn, so be prepared to rethink your beliefs about this intriguing country.

The Kumano Kodo is a journey through Buddhist history and offers a window into traditional Japan that contrasts strongly with its hyper modern cities. The Kumano Kodo’s rugged, forested mountains, quiet rural valleys, rivers and waterfalls provide a spectacular backdrop for hikers. The seasonal contrasts of cherry blossom in the spring and rich autumn foliage inject wonderful colour along the hiking route. Hiking the Kumano Kodo really is a great immersion into Japanese culture.

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What makes the Kumano Kodo special

1000 Years

Follow in the footsteps of former Emperors and over 1000 years of history on one of the world's great historical trails

Culinary Delights

Enjoy delicious handmade Japanese food, made with fresh local ingredients

Ryokan & Minshuku

Stay in traditional guesthouses with lots of character and charm


Soak in an onsen to soothe your muscles (and spirit!) after a day of walking

Friendly Hosts

The friendliest and most helpful people you will ever find

Quirky Culture

A unique and quirky culture full of surprises - slippers, yukatas, multi-function toilets and green tea KitKats