03 Aug 20

Are You A Dual Pilgrim?

Mel Reynolds Camino

For those people who have walked both the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Kumano Kodo in Japan you can be honoured as small number of “Dual Pilgrims” to have completed these ancient trails. The Dual Pilgrim program was developed to celebrate, honour, and share the stories of those who have completed both of these UNESCO World Heritage pilgrimage routes.

Dual Pilgrims receive a limited edition “DUAL PILGRIM” pin badge and are featured on the Dual Pilgrim page of spiritual-pilgrimages.com. (Inclusion on the website is optional.)

The Dual Pilgrim logo is a combination of a shell and a three-legged crow. The colours are shades of orange, often seen in beautiful sunrises and sunsets on both trails.

To receive the Dual Pilgrim status, pilgrims must complete one of the options for the Way of St. James, and one of the options for the Kumano Kodo, then register at the designated site at the end of your second pilgrimage (one is located in Santiago in Spain and two along the walk in Japan. RAW Travel has a quantity of the official credentials that have been developed for this purpose and we’ll send to any of our walkers doing both trips.

A small number of RAW travellers are Dual Pilgrims and there are a number of people heading to Japan in the coming months who are going to qualify. If you’ve walked one of the pilgrimages already and interested in completing the other give us a call or email to find out more.

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