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The RAW Travel app has been designed to assist our self-guided walkers to navigate easily on the trail. Walking routes are mapped every step of the way, and the terrain and towns you walk through are shown in detail. All information is unique to your booking. You can hike with peace of mind by knowing exactly where you’re at, with no wandering off the route!

Please watch our 5-minute instructional video, which explains how to download the app, how to navigate using the app, and how to access all the great features. You can also refer to the list of frequently asked questions below. If you follow our instructions and tips, the app will work properly on your device.




The RAW Travel App is a navigation tool with many useful features:

  • It shows your current position on the trail in real-time without any internet connection needed.
  • Your information can be accessed offline with zero data usage.
  • There is a day-by-day itinerary, with a brief overview on the map and also a more detailed summary.
  • On most routes, local points of interest are included with an audio description that plays as you approach them.
  • Images of your accommodation booking are included, along with luggage transfer details.
  • There’s important safety information relevant to the route you are walking plus emergency contact details.
  • Localised weather reports for each overnight stop are included to help you plan the next day.
  • Option to view maps in Satellite/ Terrain / Standard / Hybrid display, with compass orientation shown.
Does the app show my accommodation bookings?

Yes. The exact location, address, phone number and a photo of each property you are booked into is included in the app. Tap on the orange accommodation icon to reveal the information.

If you click on Day by Day on the home screen, you can access your full itinerary, including information about your accommodation.

You do not need to use Google Maps to find your accommodation.


To install the RAW Travel App on your smartphone, use the following links when you are connected to strong wifi (not while using mobile, wireless or cellular data).

You don’t need the latest model smartphone to use our app but it will help if your software updates are up to date and you have checked that you have enough phone storage before you download the app. Smartphone compatibility information and file sizes are shown in the app stores.

(Go to Settings > General to see information about software updates and storage.)

Once you have downloaded the RAW Travel app to your device, enable Location Services (Go to Settings > Privacy & Security, then select Location Services.) You must enable Location Services so that you can see where you are in relation to the trail (you will be the blue dot).

Then open the app on your home screen.

You will be prompted to enter a unique reference number in the white square at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Your itinerary’. You will only need to enter this number once. (The number will be stored on the app under the heading ‘Your Itineraries’ at the bottom of the screen.)

Then, click on the arrow within the blue circle (next to where you just typed in your itinerary number) to download your daily itinerary, route maps, emergency contact details, weather information and more. 


Your unique code will be sent to you in your pre-departure information – usually 4 weeks before the start date of your trip. Once you have entered this number (exactly as supplied, including the forward slash) you will be able to view your route maps, daily itinerary, accommodation details, localised weather info and emergency contacts. You only need to enter this number once. It will then be saved under ‘Your Itineraries’ at the bottom of the screen.

Why must I install and interact with the app BEFORE I start my trip?

Before you depart for your trip, follow the steps below. This will make it easier to troubleshoot in the unlikely event that there are any issues.

  1. Install the App (see above) when you are connected to strong wifi (not while using cellular data).
  2. Enter your unique Itinerary Number. Your Itinerary will be downloaded onto the app. Your unique number is stored on the App under the heading ‘Your Itineraries’. (This is at the bottom of the page where you have the space to enter this number.)
  3. Select one of the 6 buttons to access the information you need.


What do the different pins and colours mean?

You’ll see various icons on your route map, which visually identify booked accommodation, cafes, points of interest and more.

Tap on an icon/pin to reveal the information.

  • The blue dot shows your location on the trail in real-time.
  • Orange accommodation icons are GPS mapped and show the actual location of your accommodation.
  • All other icons provide valuable information, including distance, suggested walking hours and a descriptive overview of the day.
How do I navigate with the app?

Firstly, enable Location Services so that you can see where you are in relation to the trail (you will be the blue dot). Apps that use Location Services, including the RAW Travel App, might ask for permission to access your location the first time you launch them.

  • iPhone: Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services. Make sure Location Services is turned on. Now scroll down to the RAW Travel App. Tap on it and you will see several options. Choose ‘While Using’ or ‘Always’ .
  • On Android devices, tap Settings > Location and move the slider to On. Check your app location permissions and change the permissions for the RAW Travel app if you need to. Choose ‘Allowed only while in use’ or ‘Allowed all the time’.

We recommend using Flight Mode . This will prevent the phone looking for a signal, which will interfere with the app. When you have Aeroplane Mode switched on you will see an airplane icon in your notification bar at the top of your screen. Using Aeroplane Mode is also a great way to conserve your battery.

Once you have followed the steps, above…

  1. Click on the blue Routes Map option on the home screen. This will reveal your entire route. Click on Your Routes again (at the bottom of the screen) and it will reveal the different sections.
  2. Under Settings (next to Route Maps) you can change the Map Type to Satellite, Standard, Hybrid or Terrain.
  3. To navigate along the trail, simply follow the blue dot on the map. It shows your location on the trail in real-time. You do not need an internet connection or GPS maps. The app works offline.
  4. To zoom in on small text or fine details, pinch your thumb and index finger apart to adjust the zoom.
  5. To zoom out to see the overall picture or find a different place to zoom in, pinch your thumb and index finger together.
  6. Next, tap on the various icons and pins on your route map. The icons visually identify accommodation, cafes, important information and so on. Tapping on the icon or pin will reveal the information.
  7. To see your itinerary, click on the green Day by Day option.
Do I still need a paper map / guidebook?

Yes! You should use your electronic device as your primary navigation tool, but it is important to also have a backup. Your phone may run out of battery, get wet or break. Or you may lose it. Always carry a paper map / guidebook in your daypack so that you have two reliable navigation aids. Do not rely exclusively on the app. This is particularly important on trails that are poorly signed.

My position on the trail is inaccurate

The blue dot shows your location on the trail in real-time. If your position on the trail doesn’t seem accurate, don’t panic! Maps use satellites to know your location up to around 20m. As long as you are close to the path and heading in the right direction you don’t need to be concerned.

The photos are not downloading

If the photos are not downloading, it doesn’t mean the app is not working. You need internet for the photos to download.

The app has stopped working

If you have issues with the app while you are out walking the trail, the best thing to do is to switch off your device and then turn it back on. This will reset your phone and the app. Remember to put your phone on Flight Mode while you are using the app to navigate on the trail. This will save the battery and prevent the phone looking for a signal and dropping out on the app.

If the issues do not resolve, you can delete and reinstall the app when you have wifi, ie when you get back to your hotel. It’s unlikely that you will need to do this, and is a last resort.

The app keeps crashing on my phone

The issue of apps crashing is more relevant to Android phones. App glitches, corrupted cache data, and outdated Android OS are common reasons for why apps do not open on Android devices. Follow the trouble-shooting instructions below.

1. Clear the cache
Apps on Android tend to collect cache data to improve their performance. But if that cache data is old or corrupt, the app may misbehave or refuse to open. To fix it, clear the app’s cache by following these steps:
Step 1: Long-press on the troublesome app and tap on the info icon from the resulting menu.
Step 2: Go to Storage and cache and tap on the Clear cache option.

2. Update all apps
If you don’t update apps regularly, they get outdated. That leads to compatibility issues and abrupt app crashes. To rule this out, update all of your apps.

3. Update software
Software updates bring all kinds of bug fixes and improvements to the Android OS. To check for updates, open the Settings menu and navigate to System. Tap on the System update to download any pending software updates.

Who can I contact if I need assistance?

If you experience problems downloading or using the app before you travel, please check that you have followed all the instructions provided to you and that you have browsed the information on this page – it contains important information and useful tips. If you are still experiencing problems, please email app@rawtravel.com to request assistance, and include a description of the issue and your contact details.

If you have issues while you are walking the trail, please refer to the relevant FAQ. If you have tried to resolve the problems and the app is still not working, please email app@rawtravel.com and mark your email as urgent.

Does my trip information expire?

Yes. Your trip profile on the RAW app expires 2 days after your trip has ended and you will no longer have access to your trip information through the app.

Special instructions for OPPO devices

The default settings on some OPPO phones will kill off apps that need to run in the background to conserve battery use. If you find that your App is “not working” then please follow the following steps:

  • Go into Settings on your OPPO phone.
  • Find Battery and scroll down to Battery optimisation
  • In Battery optimisation, scroll to RAW Travel App.
  • Change the setting from Optimise to Do Not Optimise.

Next, go to your Battery setting and select Energy Saver. Find the RAW Travel App and switch off the following:

  • Freeze when in Background
  • Automatically Optimise when an Abnormality is Detected
Do I need a portable power bank or charger?

Yes. You may find that your battery will rapidly dwindle when using your phone for navigation as well as taking photos and listening to music. Watching your device steadily run out of power when you’re nowhere near an outlet is stressful, so we recommend you take a portable power bank or charger.

Enabling Aeroplane Mode (Flight Mode) will help conserve your battery.

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