Hike Nature's Paradise

You'll love walking through Slovenia.

Discover the Alps, lakes, caves and food of delightful, untouched Slovenia!

For such a small country, Slovenia really packs a punch. It’s a land of fairy-tale quality, featuring whimsical castles, charming character-filled towns, epic world-class cave systems, lakes, and outstanding hiking opportunities through magical landscapes.

Slovenia has won many awards for its commitment to sustainability, and when you walk it with RAW Travel you’ll discover first-hand its strong focus on farm-fresh produce, wellness and the environment.

We offer two self-guided walks, with one easier than the other. Choose to explore the Karst Plateau, with its authentic local food (a favourite is prosciutto) and vineyards making the most of its red soil with Slovenian wine (teran) and plum brandy, or sign up for something a little more challenging and hike the Julian Alps, guided or non-guided.

Our itineraries are designed to help you explore the best of Slovenia: its UNESCO-listed caves, mountains, Venetian architecture and Adriatic Coast.

We’d love to help you plan your journey. It’s what we do best!



Authentic Accommodation

Our trips use a mixture of traditional mountain lodgings and small hotels so you can come back to a comfortable room each night and get a good night's sleep.


We transfer your luggage

We include daily luggage transfers on each trekking day, so no need to walk with a heavy pack.


We prepare you

We hold free information nights and offer training days before your trip to ensure you are well prepared to enjoy your adventure.


we're alpine experts

Our staff know Slovenia and its trails intimately and can help plan the right trip for you. We have come up with hiking itineraries that showcase the very best of Slovenia.

Why are we your Slovenia experts?

  • Our dedicated team have an intimate knowledge of the walks so we understand all the charms and challenges and can recommend the right itinerary for you.
  • We offer hassle-free walking with a navigational hiking App and daily transfers of your luggage to lighten your load.
  • We offer training days and information nights before your trip to ensure you are well prepared to enjoy your adventure.
  • We offer excellent resources such as an informative Destination Guide and Trek Training Guide to assist you in your trip planning and fitness training.