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Discover the Alps, lakes, caves and food of delightful, untouched Slovenia!

For such a small country, Slovenia really packs a punch. It’s a land of fairy-tale quality, featuring whimsical castles, charming character-filled towns, epic world-class cave systems, lakes, and outstanding hiking opportunities through magical landscapes.

Slovenia has won many awards for its commitment to sustainability, and when you walk it with RAW Travel you’ll discover first-hand its strong focus on farm-fresh produce, wellness and the environment.

We offer two self-guided walks, with one easier than the other. Choose to explore the Karst Plateau, with its authentic local food (a favourite is prosciutto) and vineyards making the most of its red soil with Slovenian wine (teran) and plum brandy, or sign up for something a little more challenging and hike the Julian Alps, guided or non-guided.

Our itineraries are designed to help you explore the best of Slovenia: its UNESCO-listed caves, mountains, Venetian architecture and Adriatic Coast.

We’d love to help you plan your journey. It’s what we do best!



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Our Slovenian trips use a mixture of traditional mountain lodgings and delightful small hotels so you can come back to a comfortable room each night and enjoy authentic local culture.

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We offer hassle-free walking with a navigational hiking App and daily transfers of your luggage, so you can hike with just a day pack.

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Slovenia's rugged Julian Alps trails require proper preparation. We offer great advice and resources before your trip to ensure you are well equipped to enjoy your adventure. Our Local leaders on guided trips are excellent and will take care of you every step!

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Our dedicated team has an intimate knowledge of the walks so we understand all the charms and challenges and can recommend the right itinerary for you. We have come up with hiking itineraries that showcase the very best of Slovenia.

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Lake Bled Slovenia
8 Days


Julian Alps and Coast – Slovenia

Challenging Food and Wine Guided
  • Postcard-perfect setting of Lake Bled
  • UNESCO-listed Škocjan Caves
  • The medieval Venetian port of Piran
  • Local wines and delicacies


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Senior man hiking the Italian Julian Alps, Jôf Fuart and Jôf di Montasio, Italy, Euorpe.Senior man hiking the Italian Julian Alps, Jôf Fuart and Jôf di Montasio, Italy, Euorpe.
10 Days


Julian Alps Highlights – Slovenia

Self-Guided Strenuous
  • Slovenia’s best hiking trails
  • The postcard-perfect setting of Lake Bled
  • Local cheeses, cherries and decadent desserts
  • The Julian Alps, Soča Valley and Triglav National Park
  • Stunning and tranquil Lake Bohinj and quaint villages


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Triglav Hut-to-Hut Hike - Slovenia
6 Days


Triglav Hut-to-Hut Hike – Slovenia

Self-Guided Strenuous
  • Enjoy the rugged landscape of Triglav National Park
  • Hike through the heart of the Julian Alps
  • Share amazing stories with mountain hut keepers
  • Understand the area’s rich natural and cultural history
  • Summit Mount Triglav (optional)


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Slovenia Route Map


The capital city of Slovenia ranks as one of the most attractive European capitals. Ljubljana is known for its charming old town, historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. The banks of the Ljubljanica River are lined with outdoor cafes and restaurants. Ljubljana’s numerous bridges, such as the Triple Bridge and the Dragon Bridge, provide picturesque views and are popular gathering spots. Perched on a hill overlooking the city is Ljubljana Castle, a medieval fortress with a rich history dating back to the 11th century.

Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a picturesque glacial lake located in the Julian Alps of Slovenia, near the town of Bled. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, a charming island with a church, a medieval castle perched on a hillside, and outdoor recreational opportunities. The lake itself is the centerpiece of the area’s natural beauty. It has crystal-clear turquoise waters surrounded by forested hills and the snow-capped peaks of the Julian Alps in the background.

Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is a breathtaking glacial lake located in the Julian Alps. It is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia and is known for its pristine natural beauty, serene atmosphere, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Activities include canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and rowing. The lake’s clear waters are inviting for a refreshing swim during the summer months.

Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is Slovenia’s only national park and is named after Mount Triglav, the highest peak in the Julian Alps and the symbolic mountain of Slovenia. Established in 1981, the park covers 880 sq km in the northwestern part of the country. It is known for its stunning alpine landscapes, rich biodiversity, pristine rivers and lakes, and outdoor recreational opportunities. Mount Triglav (2,863m) is the highest peak in Slovenia. Triglav is an important symbol of Slovenian national identity and is a popular destination for hikers and climbers.

Vrsic Pass

Vršič Pass is situated in the Triglav National Park, in the northwestern part of Slovenia. It connects the towns of Kranjska Gora in the Sava Valley with the Trenta Valley, making it an essential route through the Julian Alps. The pass is notable for its elevation, reaching a height of 1,611m above sea level, making it one of the highest road passes in Slovenia and the Eastern Alps. Vršič Pass is renowned for its stunning natural beauty. The winding road that crosses the pass offers breathtaking views of towering peaks, lush alpine meadows, and crystal-clear mountain streams. The landscape is particularly beautiful during the summer when wildflowers are in full bloom.



Bovec is a charming town in the Soča Valley in the Julian Alps. It’s known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor adventure opportunities, and proximity to the Soča River – famous for its mesmerising emerald-green colour and crystal-clear waters, which flow through the valley.


Goriska Brda

Goriska Brda is a charming wine-producing region evocative of Tuscany with its rolling hill landscapes and hilltop villages. Lovely walking trails meander past orchards and vineyards and hungry hikers can indulge in local specialities such as cherries, olive oil and cheese. The region’s villages are a step back in time, where life moves at a leisurely pace, and every corner tells a story of history and culture.

Škocjan Caves

The UNESCO World Heritage Škocjan Caves, also known as Škocjanske jame in Slovenian, are a remarkable natural wonder located in southwestern Slovenia, near the town of Divača. The Škocjan Caves, a geological masterpiece carved by the Reka River, are a testament to the power and beauty of nature’s forces. As you venture deeper into the caves, you’ll discover a mesmerising underground world that has been sculpted over millions of years. The Great Cavity is a colossal underground chamber, a cathedral of nature. Its sheer size and the underground river that flows through it leave visitors in awe.


Piran is a resort city on Slovenia’s Adriatic coast, known for its long pier and Venetian architecture. It is a true delight to explore. Stroll narrow lanes in the beautifully preserved old town, discover colourful market squares and medieval walls, and savour freshly-caught seafood at local restaurants, along with Istrian wines and olive oils. The town’s layout reflects centuries of history and culture, with various squares, churches, and historical landmarks. There are several small beaches and swimming spots along the coastline.

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Discover Slovenia

In a time when over-tourism in Europe is leading to increasingly busy national parks and trails it is a delight to discover a place that harks back to a less crowded past. Imagine a country abounding with stunning alpine hikes, idyllic valleys, glacial lakes and rivers of eye-popping beauty, abounding with wildlife and flora. Where traditional mountain culture survives, with hospitable people who not only love to be outdoors but truly practice and value sustainability. Welcome to Slovenia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Slovenia?

Slovenia sits right in the middle of Europe, bordered by Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the south and southeast. Visitors are drawn to Slovenia’s pristine natural wonders, including enchanting Lake Bled, the mysterious Škocjan Caves, and Triglav National Park. The country packs a punch with diverse landscapes, from the towering Alps to the sunny Adriatic Sea coast.

How does hiking in Slovenia differ from other European destinations?

Slovenia is blissfully uncrowded, often overlooked and seriously underrated. It really is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. With its own international airport it’s easy to reach from Australia. It’s surprisingly easy for English speakers to travel through. Plus, it has been voted the safest destination in Europe for female travellers.

What are the most breathtaking landscapes encountered during a Slovenia hike?

Slovenia has spectacular snow-capped peaks, beautiful emerald rivers and lakes, rolling vineyards and coastal paths along the Adriatic Sea. The Alpe-Adria Trail leads from the mountains to the sea, through the photogenic Soča Valley to the beautiful wine region that borders Italy, where walking trails meander past orchards and vineyards and hungry hikers can indulge in local specialities such as cherries, olive oil and cheese. In the Triglav National Park you’ll find sublime scenery of forests, shepherd’s villages, meadows and dramatic limestone mountain peaks.

Why is Slovenia one of the world's leading sustainable countries?

Slovenia has won many awards for its commitment to sustainability, and when you walk it with RAW Travel you’ll discover first-hand its strong focus on farm-fresh produce, wellness and the environment. While Slovenia’s popularity and tourist numbers are increasing, the country very deliberately has no room for mass tourism. Slovenia has been committed to sustainable tourism and liveability for Slovenians for years. If you visit, you’ll notice how peaceful, green and clean it is in the city, forest, alpine areas and countryside.

What range of hiking options does Slovenia offer?

Slovenia offers hikes for all fitness levels through some of nature’s most magical landscapes. You can easily find a level of walking to match your desires and ability – from challenging high Alpine hut-to-hut trips to more sedate river valley and vineyards walks through the lowland Karst region. The Slovenian section of the long-distance Alpe-Adria Trail offers a combination of these varied landscapes.

Are there guided group hikes available in Slovenia?

Yes. Our local expert guides will elevate your trip to Slovenia! We use the best English-speaking licensed hiking guides who were born and raised in Slovenia. They know the landscapes, trails, history and hidden secrets. They genuinely love to share their experiences and are excited to talk to you about their country and will give you the best experience possible.

Can I visit Lake Bled and other alpine lakes in Slovenia?

Yes. Slovenia’s iconic and dramatic Lake Bled is a pristine and surprisingly warm turquoise lake at the foot of the Julian Alps. The island and the 1000-year-old castle in the middle of the lake can be reached by traditional wooden boats known as pletnas, which date back to the 12th century. Just an hour’s drive from Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj is the country’s largest glacier lake, situated inside Triglav National Park and surrounded by the Julian Alps. Starting and finishing at the lakeside village of Ribcev Laz, a trail leads past a handful of secluded beaches and on to Slap Savica, a majestic waterfall and source of the nearby Sava river.

Are the hiking trails in Slovenia well-marked?

Yes. The Alpe-Adria Trail is generally well sign-posted. The trail logo appears on signboards, spray painted on the edge of paths or as stickers fastened to existing signposts. The Juliana Trail is nicely marked with different signposts and J-A signs in different places (e.g. trees, rocks, ground). Our unique walking app has been designed to help you navigate easily on the trails. The app will show your location on the trail in real-time without any internet connection needed, so you’ll be able to find your way with ease.

Do I need an expert guide for the more challenging hikes in Slovenia?

Our Hut to Hut hike in Triglav National Park is our most challenging hike. It’s a serious alpine hike on rough terrain with lots of uphills and downhills, crossing steep grave slopes, but it can be walked self-guided by experienced walkers. Climbing Mt Triglav is an optional addition to this hiking tour and is best done with a licensed mountain guide.

When is the ideal time to go hiking in Slovenia?

Slovenia’s climate can be described as a typical Continental European climate with warm to hot summers and mild to cold winters. Snowy Alps and sunny Mediterranean coastline makes it a popular year round destination. However, the best time for hiking is from April to mid-October, with prime months being May, June and September.

What gear is recommended for a hiking trip in Slovenia?

Waterproof hiking boots or hiking shoes (not sneakers) with a good tread and ankle support are recommended for hiking trips to Slovenia. Make sure your footwear is comfortable. We also recommend proper hiking socks that are breathable, and well fitting, as you will find that these minimise the chance of getting blisters. We recommend trekking poles for hiking in Slovenia. They will give you extra stability for the steep ascents and descents, especially when you are tired.

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