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Amanda Thompson

Amanda has loved fitness since she was a teenager and joined the fitness industry in her early 30s. When the opportunity came up to complete the Kododa Track in 2014 with a group of girlfriends, she jumped at the chance to challenge herself.

Amanda’s love of trekking, exploring the outdoors and immersing herself in new cultures inspired a move to the travel industry soon after Kokoda.

Amanda has travelled extensively throughout Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Australia. Her highlights include completing the Mont Blanc Circuit, summiting Mount Inierie volcano in Indonesia, and visiting the small villages along the coast of PNG. 

Whether it be stand up paddle boarding, hiking in the bush or walking her dog along a beach, Amanda sees the combination of exercise and nature as the body’s best medicine.

Amanda is a great addition our European Alps Team. She loves sharing her expert knowledge and insights with our travellers and planning extraordinary adventures.

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