Mel credits her lust for adventure from spending her early childhood in a remote community in Papua New Guinea. Exposure to tribal life at an early age fuelled her desire to experience and learn from many developing cultures around the world. In 1998, Mel met her match in Dave Reynolds after an extended trip in Africa and since then they have trekked, cycled and kayaked through more than 25 countries together, often with their equally adventurous kids.

Some of her favourite travel experiences include hiking the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia, kayaking around Bora Bora, doing an elephant mahouts course in Laos and being involved with multiple long-distance cycling trips throughout Asia to support charity

Mel has great destination knowledge, first-hand experience of the walks that RAW Travel offers, and a love of hiking and the outdoors and sharing this with our clients. In the last 12 months, Mel has travelled to the Solomons Islands, Vanuatu, the Camino in Spain, the UK, Switzerland, and the USA. This year she plans to return to Turkey, hike the Northern coast of Spain and share her love of hiking in Nepal with her children.

As Sales Manager, Mel leads our Camino and sales team and is thrilled to be working with wonderful staff and products. She is passionate about what RAW Travel can offer and is excited about future plans for the business.