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Kumano Kodo Accommodation

Chris Kavanagh Japan

On the Kumano Kodo we use a variety of accommodation from centrally located hotels in cities to traditional ryokans and minshukus with great character in the smaller places.

The majority of accommodation along the trail are ryokans and minshukus (traditional Japanese style inns) that offer a great chance to meet local people and enjoy a truly authentic Japanese atmosphere. Ryokans and minshukus are basic in style with shared toilet and bathroom facilities but have great character and friendly hosts. Most rooms are Japanese style, with straw tatami mats used for flooring. Guests sleep on futons (thin mattresses that are spread on tatami mats at night and stored folded in a closet during the day).

Please note that heating/air-conditioning is still coin-operated in some of the traditional inns.

Most accommodation along the trail offer an onsen (hot spring bath) which is soothing part of your Japanese experience. Bathing is communal though segregated by sex and people undress and bath before entering the onsen bath. Bathing in an onsen is a great way to rejuvenate tired muscles after a long day of trekking and leaves you feeling refreshed and clean.

In cities, we use centrally located hotels with ensuite bathrooms. Hotel rooms in Japan are often smaller than what you may have found in other countries. In more remote places, hotel standards may not be quite as high as in major centres but RAW Travel always endeavours to use the most suitable accommodation available in each destination. It is also worth noting that smoking in hotel rooms is not unusual or culturally frowned upon in Japan. We will always aim to book non-smoking rooms but even then previous clients may have chosen to smoke in the room and thus on occasion there may be a slight aroma of smoke in your room or other areas of the accommodation.

All accommodation details will be sent to you separately with your pre-departure pack, as the properties used will depend on your preferred dates and availability.

Ryokan and Minshuku

Japanese Style Rooms

Onsens Baths

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