Camino de Santiago

Spain’s epic pilgrimage trail

For more than a thousand years pilgrims have walked the Camino de Santiago seeking penance, enlightenment and adventure.Today it has become the greatest walking adventure of Europe, an experience that draws people from all over the world. Their destination is Santiago de Compostela, where it is believed the remains of the Apostle St James, patron saint of Spain, are buried.

Today’s pilgrims still choose the Camino de Santiago as a personal gift of time: to connect with their dreams, beliefs and values, to be in nature, to find inner strength and wisdom, or to simply travel slowly through a fascinating landscape and culture.

Walk past timeless Spanish villages, immense cathedrals that rate as some of the best in Europe, vibrant cities and medieval towns.

Walking the Camino de Santiago is a unique experience and a spiritual journey that is needed more than ever in today’s hectic modern world.

Why is RAW Travel the number one choice for Camino Walkers?

Each year RAW Travel has more Camino Walkers than anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere. Why?

– Flexibility. We listen and design the trip that you want, not fitting you into a pre-determined itinerary. Most of our customers’ trips are tailored to their needs, and we can arrange easier options with less kilometres if preferred.

– The most interesting accommodation. We use the widest selection of accommodation preferencing historical, well-located accommodations. The accommodation we use becomes a highlight of your Camino experience, rather than you being put into hotels offering the cheapest contract rates for the operator.

Camino expertise. Our office staff are each focused on just a one or two Camino routes. They go out and walk the Camino each year, so you get first-hand advice from people who’ve done it themselves and benefit from our collective experience of having walked many Caminos.

Book direct We operate our own trips and don’t outsource your trip a third party in Spain, meaning we have the best quality control.

Our local staff We have our own staff on the ground at either end of the Camino Frances, giving you unparalleled support when you need it and a friendly face at the start and end of your trip.

Camino community We run regular walk and talk sessions, Information nights around the country, sponsor Camino films and social get together’s for our Camino customers. What we offer our customers is unmatched by any other Camino operator, so when your book your Camino with us you get so much more.

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What makes the Camino de Santiago special

1000 years of history

Follow in the footsteps of millions of pilgrims and over 1000 years of history on this historical, UNESCO World Heritage listed trail.


Enjoy the camaraderie with fellow pilgrims of different ages and backgrounds from all over the world.


Enjoy the varied history, landscapes and food as you walk through four regions and seven provinces of northern Spain including the historic cities of Pamplona, Burgos, Leon and Santiago.

The Long Walk

Enjoy the satisfaction of travelling under your own power and finally walking into historic Santiago to reunite with the hundreds of pilgrims you have met along the way.


Attend the pilgrims mass in the Santiago cathedral and spend some time in the Praza do Obradoiro watching fellow pilgrims arrive and reflecting on your own journey.


Take a trip in the slow lane where you move one step at a time, away from the frantic modern world in which we live.

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