Sandra Emms

Sandra brings more than 20 years’ experience to RAW Travel from a range of industries including cosmetics, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and publishing. 

Born in Melbourne to Italian parents, Sandra always had a desire to travel. Her first trip in 1997 was along the Mediterranean Coast of Europe, which included visiting her parents’ home town in Abruzzo. Highlights of this trip were Spain, Portugal, France and of course Italy. Sandra returned to Europe in 2008 to visit friends in the UK and to explore Prague and Berlin. Add to the list a honeymoon in Mexico, a work trip to India, and timeout in Bali, New Zealand and Fiji!

Sandra has a passion for books, cooking and travel, and looks forward to travelling with her family and passing on her sense of adventure. Sandra’s travel wish-list includes Nepal, Japan’s Nakasendo Way and the Italian Dolomites.

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