Destination Specialist

Liana Stafford

Liana grew up in North East Victoria and has always had a deep affinity for nature, travel and the outdoors. In her mid 20s she delved into the study of naturopathy, embracing a holistic approach to the health of the body and mind. Understanding the power of nature from this perspective gave her an even deeper appreciation for the world around her.

Liana’s passion for travel was ignited during a cultural exchange program in northern Italy during her high school years, laying the foundation for her exploratory spirit. Backpacking through Europe in her early 20s, she felt a strong connection to Spain and knew that one day she would return. In late 2022 she embarked on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage, finding profound inspiration in the culture, cuisine, history, community and spirit along the trail.

Having also explored parts of Southeast Asia, Liana is eager for further adventure into this part of the world. She looks forward to immersing herself in diverse cultures and landscapes, particularly on foot. She recently hiked Victoria’s highest peak, Mt Bogong, and has walked various other trails around Victoria and Tasmania.

As a proud member of RAW’s Camino Team, Liana is enthused about assisting others as they embark on their own journeys.

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