01 Oct 20

Washing on the Camino

Tori Brown Camino

As your Camino adventure approaches, you may start wondering what to pack. How many outfits will cover a 41-day active walking itinerary? Even if you are only walking for a few weeks on the Camino, this can often result in the urge to pack everything you could possibly need for those weeks. ‘How will I have time to do my washing when I am out walking to somewhere new each day?’, I hear you ask. I am happy to share with you how easy it is to do your washing along ‘The Way’…

Many cities have laundrettes (locally referred to as lavenderia tintorias) and they are the same as ours at home; just bring some washing liquid and coins and you can wash and dry away!

Another option is to wash-as-you-go in the hotel rooms. I tend to do this while I’m travelling. You wash your gear in the bathroom sink with your own stash of washing liquid and hang your items on a pegless travel clothesline (these handy little items retail for about A$15 and are available from outdoor/camping stores). There is often a chair or a windowsill to which you can attach your line and make your own Chinese laundry!

In the summer months it is often warm enough for your clothes to air-dry overnight. In winter there are usually heaters in the rooms or in the common areas. If all of this sounds like too much work, then there is the opportunity for your washing to be taken care of by our lovely hoteliers along the way. Although often an expensive option it can certainly be a welcome treat!

Washing along The Way is certainly do-able, so pack light and enjoy the freedom!

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