03 Aug 20

Blisters on the Camino are the worst

Sam McCrow Camino

Here are our top 10 tips on how to avoid blisters.

1. Socks

Invest in a couple of good pairs of socks, they are worth their weight in gold for long walks like the Camino! Opt for socks that have a high percentage of wool, around 70–79% max. Wool is a great natural fibre for socks, newer merino wools are itch-free, you want to get socks that combine wool with synthetic materials, cushioned in the heel & the ball of the foot, breathable & lightweight. Avoid a high content of cotton in your socks, cotton absorbs sweat, dries slowly and provides no insulation when wet, therefore can lead to blisters on the trail.

2. Big foot

If you are buying a new pair of shoes for this trip, go shoe shopping at the end of your day, preferably after you have done a walk, this way your foot will be slightly swollen and will give you a better fit to suit your foot in the way your foot will be for your walking trip!

3. Wear in

Wearing your new shoes in before you go is essential! We recommend that you walk as much as you can in various terrain such as established paths, off-road stone/dirt trails, hilly trails and various distances. See how your foot moves in your shoes, ideally your feet should not slip.

4. Shoes

Choose shoes that are lightweight, flexible and breathable.

5. Waterproof

Ensure your shoes are waterproof or make sure you spray them at least 3 times with waterproof spray before your trip.

6. Test

Never trial a new pair of socks or a new pair of shoes on the Camino; always test them before you go.

7. Spares

Take a spare pair of shoes for the end of your day, then you can let your shoes and socks dry while you wind down with your fellow pilgrims!

8. More spares

Pack a spare pair of socks in your daypack; they will come in handy!

9. Foot repair

Carry a blister-kit with you in your daypack, blisters are best dealt with straight away to avoid them getting bigger and more painful!

10. Air

When you stop for rest throughout your day, take your shoes and socks off, turn your socks inside out and put them somewhere to air, this will allow some of the moisture to come out of them before you start walking again! Barefoot pilgrims are a part of the Camino!!

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