01 Oct 20

Accessing money on the Camino

Sue Chater Camino

Accessing money on the Camino De Frances will be easy as long as you plan in advance and keep an eye on what you are spending each day.

All of the larger villages and towns on the Camino now have ATMs, so there is no shortage of places on the Camino to obtain cash. However, you need to always be aware of the money that you will need in the days ahead, as there will times when you will be walking for a few days without any ATM access. It is a good idea to always carry around 200-300 euros, but this depends on how much money you are planning to spend on meals and extras. You will need cash to buy food and other supplies, and you can get cash from various ATMs en route.

You can use your credit cards in shops, restaurants and hotel accommodation in the larger towns and cities, although some of the smaller establishments will only accept cash, so please keep this in mind.

Useful Tips

Inform your bank about your trip 
If you don’t inform your bank about your trip beforehand then it is possible that the bank may block your card. Sometimes the bank will assume that your card has been stolen and will take measures to safeguard your money. Before you leave, let your bank know where you are travelling to and the dates you will be away.

Credit card international charges
Before leaving for the Camino it is a good idea to speak to your bank about international money withdrawal charges when using your credit cards as this is usually seen as a cash advance and extra charges will occur. Also, get an idea of the foreign transaction fees you will be charged as these can also add up.

American Express and Diners Club cards
These cards are not widely accepted on the Camino

Travellers cheques
Travellers cheques are not very widely accepted on the Camino.

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