Operations Manager

Elize Heger

Elize is RAW Travel’s Operations Manager. She found her love for travelling at a very young age after discovering National Geographic magazines. Growing up in Africa and being exposed to the phenomenal wildlife, diverse cultures and amazing scenery provided an ideal setting to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Elize loves new experiences, along with history, challenges, food, wine and, above all, amazing views.

Elize has completed many of RAW Travel’s iconic walks, including the UK’s Coast to Coast path, Japan’s Kumano Kodo Trail, the Le Puy Camino through France, the Portuguese Coastal Camino, and the Tour du Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland.

Travelling for Elize is about the opportunity to enjoy the freedom and exhilaration that comes with being outdoors: sounds, fragrances and sights are sensory experiences heightened when cycling and walking through country landscapes.

Elize loves adventure and has sky dived in Swakopmund, camped in the Okavango Delta, rafted the mighty Zambezi, hiked Cradle Mountain and the Great Wall of China, and  cycled through amazing parts of Australia and Europe. Her next dream is to bungee jump from the bridge at Victoria Falls in Zambia.

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