Guide (Japan)

Kazunori (Ukky) Ukisu

Ukky is an expert local guide who leads our trips along Japan’s picturesque Nakasendo Way.

Ukky has been guiding in the mountains since 2012. His knowledge of the history and culture of this walk and Japan itself is extensive and fascinating. He loves meeting new people and sharing his time and insights with RAW Travel clients, who all love his cheerful company.

Ukky lives on a hill and watches life unfold on the Nakasendo Way every day. He moved to this area with his wife and four children in 2002 and loves the fresh air, verdant landscape and clear rivers. His favourite part of the trail is the peaceful 13 Passes between Okute Juku and Ooi Juku, which offers more ‘off the beaten track’ walking than the more popular Magome Tsumago hike. Ukky loves to walk there because it reminds him of his childhood.

As a licensed tour guide, Ukky has visited many places in Japan. A favourite is the sparsely populated Noto Peninsula, known for its coastal scenery and relaxed, rural atmosphere.

Ukky is also well-travelled outside of Japan. Of the 27 countries he has visited, the most recent and memorable trip is cycling in Switzerland with his wife. He loves mountain biking, especially hill climbing.

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