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Katy Shina

Katy is our local expert guide for Japan’s new Michinoku Coastal Trail. Originally from Brisbane, Katy has been living and working in Japan for 16 years. Her interest in Japanese culture and traditional performing arts led her to study abroad in Japan on multiple occasions and then work in the tourism sector in Hokkaido. She moved to Iwate after the Great Tsunami that hit Northern Japan in 2011.

Despite the many interesting cultural aspects, performing arts and beautiful coastal scenery in various parts of the Tohoku region, these are mostly completely unknown to foreign tourists. She would love to tell you more about them.

Katy has walked extensively along the Michinoku Coastal Trail in various seasons. She loves to share her knowledge of the people and culture of this region, facilitate interactions with locals, and share spectacular viewpoints. She has a sweet tooth and is familiar with places to enjoy local sweets along the trail too!

Katy highly recommends taking your time to walk and enjoy the experience along the unique and diverse Michinoku Coastal Trail, discovering what each area has to offer from the culture and history to the food and stunning scenery.

Katy is certified in Wilderness Advanced First Aid. She is also a stand-up paddle board instructor, nature experience activity leader and Japan camp instructor.

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