01 Oct 20

You know you have walked the Camino when…

Adrian Mayer Camino

If you miss the simple daily routines, shared and solitary experiences, and luxury of walking all day on the Camino de Santiago you’re not alone! Many pilgrims continue to reflect on experiences from their trip, long after those final steps in Spain. They learn the true meaning of gratitude and are surprised by the pleasure of simple Camino traditions. Most people would do the Camino again in a heartbeat.

Can you relate to any of these?

You know you’ve walked the Way of St James when you…
  1. keep looking for yellow arrows on walls and pavements
  2. get the urge to fill up your water bottle whenever you see a tap
  3. become obsessed with inspecting your feet
  4. are already planning your next Camino
  5. know the shape of your shadow in various stages of light
  6. shout ‘Buen Camino’ to your neighbours and strangers in the street
  7. have eaten the ‘Menu del Dia’
  8. have drunk from the wine fountain at Irache
  9. have shared a drink with a complete stranger
  10. have witnessed the swinging of the Botofumerio in Santiago
  11. have peed in the woods
  12. have carried a stone for days
  13. have bought something with a scallop shell on it
  14. have been woken to the sound of trekking poles
  15. have worn the same socks for more than a day without washing them
  16. have ordered a café con lechevino tintocerveza or zumo de naranja
  17. have been inspired by someone less fortunate than yourself
  18. have become teary when you saw the Santiago cathedral for the first time
  19. are greeted like long lost friends by people you have met along The Way
  20. never want to wear certain items of clothing again
  21. have attended the pilgrims mass at the Santiago cathedral
  22. have tried pulpo, tapas, and local bocadillos
  23. have experienced kindness from a stranger
  24. realise your mental load is lighter than your physical load
Adrian Mayer

Written By

Adrian Mayer

Adrian is RAW Travel's resident Camino expert having walked four Caminos, including the full Camino Frances twice. This is a culmination of a life spent travelling, with over 70 countries visited, plus a career spent working in travel. Tailoring personalised Caminos is one of Adrian's favourite pastimes.

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