Bring the fun back into flying!

Why is our flight service a better choice?

We are a one-stop shop! Your journey is more complicated than just getting on a plane. Once you arrive in-country you need to know how to get to the trailhead.

That can involve more transfers by plane, train or bus, and you need to work with someone who understands the best options locally.

We will take into account which flights will work in best with the local transport and accommodation options to save you excessive travel times and extra nights' accommodation from missing transfers.

Our advice will take away the stress of your travel arrangments and save you money as well. Meaning you will arrive at your walk more relaxed and ready for your adventure! 


Let us take the stress out of the planning and travel connections so you can arrive relaxed and in time for your walk

Flight Insights


The Emirates Experience

By Dave Reynolds | September 30, 2018

Emirates business class is a standout with superb features like an onboard bar, great space and service.  » Read more about: The Emirates Experience  »

The Qantas Experience

By Dave Reynolds | September 30, 2018

Great Australian service, quality food and wine, and good space make Qantas Business Class a solid choice for getting to the start of your trip.  » Read more about: The Qantas Experience  »

Champagne on business class flight

Are there cheap business fares?

By Rosalind Dempsey | September 19, 2018

The answer is a qualified, Yes! You can occasionally stumble across exceptionally cheap business class fares ( Dave, the RAW Travel owner scored ‘Round the World’  » Read more about: Are there cheap business fares?  »

Etihad Business Class Amenity Kit

The Etihad Airways Experience

By Rosalind Dempsey | September 19, 2018

Strong coffee, top quality champagne, and an inviting, cozy seat make flying Etihad Airways Business Class a good choice for getting to the start of your RAW Travel walk.  » Read more about: The Etihad Airways Experience  »

Malaysia Airlines new business class seat

The Malaysia Airlines Experience

By Rosalind Dempsey | September 19, 2018

If you want phenomenal service and a brilliant seating configuration, our Flights Specialist Rosalind highly recommends flying Business Class with Malaysia Air.  » Read more about: The Malaysia Airlines Experience  »

Oman Air Business Class Flight

The Oman Air Experience

By Rosalind Dempsey | September 17, 2018

If you’ve ever wanted to experience luxury on a long-haul flight, our Flights Specialist Rosalind highly recommends flying Business Class with Oman Air, not least because it costs about half the price of the other Emirate airline carriers…  » Read more about: The Oman Air Experience  »

Business Class Flights Experts

Remember when flying was fun? Let's make it that way again

Ros has been tireless in ensuring we have the best possible holiday, with great accommodation in great locations.She is also the most knowledgeable, caring, fun loving, personable, authentic (and very, very patient!!) travel agent I’ve ever planned a trip with. In a word she’s AWESOME !!

Sylvia Fortnam 
March 2018

Hi Ros, Thanks very much for your excellent knowledge and expertise, it's been greatly appreciated.  I know we will have a great trip. I'll certainly recommend you to others.


Judy Dickens,  Aug 2018

RAW Travel is a business class and premium economy flights specialist

Our Flights Specalist, Rosalind

Rosalind has a wealth of knowledge on airfares and is a business class flights specialist, with first-hand upto date knowledge of the major airlines business class offerings. She is also specialized in premium economy for popular routes such as Japan. Ros can advise on the best routing and available seats to  get the best out of your trip.

She also has great knowledge of many cities in the world. Ask her where the best place is to get a coffee in Barcelona, or where to stay near the airport in Geneva, or where to get on the train in Paris to get down to St Jean Pied-de-Port.

RAW Travel - 43873 - Rosalind

Why not Relax & travel In Style!

RAW Travel is a business class flight specialist. We can put the fun and glamour back into flying and ensure you arrive well rested to start your trip.

We can advise from first-hand experience on the differences between various airlines and look to place you on the airline that best suits your budget and desires.

Yes, there are very real differences between airlines and the service and features they offer. Have a read of our reviews below and you'll see we have first-hand experience of the various options and can best advise you which will suit your budget and desires.

Let us save you Time and Money

We’ll take care of all the details, and can save you time and money! How you ask?

✔ You’ll deal directly with our experienced flights specialist who has in-depth knowledge about the destinations we offer, local experiences and most importantly connections needed to reach your walk. A cheap flights that doesn't work with your walk dates and start points can turn out to be expensive.

✔ We offer a friendly, personalised service and relevant travel advice for your destination that you won’t find from online booking sites.

✔ By specializing in Business & Premium Economy we can stay on top of the best deals.

Take a City Break with locals

We can offer the perfect city break in major stops like Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Porto, Kyoto and Tokyo. Especially when you first arrive it's good to have a few days to acclimatize and get over any jet lag before you start your walk.

We love exploring Europe’s cities and so will you with our insider knowledge and specialist tours from locals. In Japan we know the best-located accommodations to give you the most enjoyable and authentic experiences of Japan's dynamic and cultured cities. Plus a network of local guides to help you get under the skin of this fascinating culture.

Read more on city breaks

Travel Insurance

Peace of mind with RAW Insurance

The RAW Travel Flights Department can also assist you with travel insurance. We sell Covermore insurance and you can get a quote for this over the phone. No one plans for anything to go wrong, but if it does making sure you have adequate coverage is something we here at RAW Travel want to ensure. As the government website states “If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!”.