Double your holiday experience in an exciting new destination by including a stopover on your journey! A city break is a great way to explore another place, indulge in some extra shopping, dining or sightseeing and is a fabulous way to break up a long flight.

Our fabulous array of RAW Travel city breaks (minimum 2-night accommodation booking required; minimum 3 nights for any Japan booking) can be tailormade to your needs and usually include:

  • arrival airport transfer (excluding Kyoto)
  • 2 nights’ accommodation of your choice from our wide selection of hotels and apartments (3 nights for Japan)
  • city sightseeing tour (excluding Japan)

All of our RAW Travel experts have one thing in common: bringing you the immediate, highly personal satisfaction of discovering a new world on your own terms.

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Middle East



If you’re looking for mundane, look elsewhere. Glitzy, oil-fuelled and larger than life, Dubai is a living testament to the fact that money can buy almost anything. Futuristic skyscrapers meet traditional markets and shopping destinations, tailor-made for a short stint of retail therapy. When you’re finished exercising your credit card swiping arm, hit the dunes for a desert safari you’ll never forget.

From $590 per person twin share


Abu Dhabi

The UAE’s capital is Abu Dhabi, where the ancient and contemporary worlds collide. The most spectacular landmark is the Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque, surrounded by reflective pools and room for more than 40,000 worshippers at any time. For a complete change of scenery, take on Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, where you can explore the museum, ride some of the world’s most thrilling roller coasters and even get behind the wheel of a Ferrari Californda.

From $530 per person twin share



Fast becoming one of the most exciting cities in the Middle East, Doha is a world-class city in the making, with the peerless Museum of Islamic Art, perhaps the finest traditional souq in the Gulf region, and burgeoning arts and culinary scenes. Qatar is the kind of place where you can learn about the ancient pursuit of falconry, admire traditional dhows bobbing on the water alongside one of the world’s most spectacular modern skylines, or sample Doha’s portfolio of sophisticated restaurants and then watch the sunset over sand dunes that seem to spring from an Arabian fairy tale. In 2020 Qatar will be host to the World Cup so much new infrastructure has been built with visitors in mind.

From $350 per person twin share




Thailand’s capital is south-east Asia’s most enigmatic city, a head-on clash between tradition and modernity. First-time visitors may be a little taken aback by the concrete canyons and futuristic, billboard-covered skyscrapers, but take a few steps away from the main roads into one of the city’s countless alleys and traditional Thai culture is everywhere – an urban cornucopia of smells, tastes, sounds and sights that one is unlikely to forget.

From $450 per person twin share



Once upon a time a sterile stopover, Singapore has recently reinvented itself as one of the world’s hot-list destinations. A city of sharp and constant contrasts: smoky temples in the shadow of skyscrapers, luxe condos backing onto jungle, old-school shophouses housing secret cocktail dens. Dig deeper than the ‘sterile’ clichés and you’ll find a place more complex, contradictory and addictive than you might imagine.

From $610 per person twin share



The capital of Japan for more than a thousand years, Kyoto is endowed with an almost overwhelming legacy of ancient Buddhist temples, majestic palaces and gardens of every size and description, not to mention some of the country’s most important works of art, its richest culture and most refined cuisine. For many people the very name Kyoto conjures up the classic image of Japan: streets of traditional wooden houses, the click-clack of geta (traditional wooden sandals) on the paving stones, geisha passing in a flourish of brightly coloured silks and temple pagodas surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

From $470 per person twin share


Kyoto – RAW Travel Exclusive!

Immerse yourself in the life of Japan’s capital: explore hidden corners and connect authentically our exclusive local experience Kyoto package. Enjoy boutique accommodation in a Kyoto style “Machiya” townhouse in a typical local neighbourhood and enjoy exploring some hidden gems through the eyes of your own private guide!

From $360 per person twin share


Hong Kong

Hong Kong wears a lot of hats: it remains one of the world’s largest financial hubs; its modern face hides a surprisingly traditional culture; and it’s also an experiment in governance with which the mainland authorities hope to win over a recalcitrant Taiwan. Don’t be put off by the high-rise hotels and glitzy boutiques; Hong Kong can still be explored on the cheap. From wandering through sub-tropical forests to seeking out cultural shows in the dense urban jungle, you’ll find that some of the best things to do in Hong Kong are free.

From $720 per person twin share




With a world-class drinking and dining scene, Barcelona is a captivating seaside city exuding boundless energy, culture and fabled architectural treasures that span 2000-plus years. Add to all this Catalan creativity (Modernisme, Miró, Dalí), bohemian bars and stunning nearby getaways and you have, quite simply, one of the world’s most captivating cities.

From $470 per person twin share



Madrid has evolved into one of the richest culinary capitals of Europe. The city has wholeheartedly embraced all the creativity and innovation of Spain’s gastronomic revolution. Coupled with a broad sweep of architectural history providing a glorious backdrop to city life, from medieval mansions and royal palaces to the unimagined angles of Spanish contemporary architecture, from the sober brickwork and slate spires of Madrid baroque to the extravagant confections of the belle époque. Put simply, this is one beautiful city.

From $400 per person twin share



From the wrought-iron spire of the Eiffel Tower, to the Champs Elysees which guards Paris’ most glamorous Avenue, to the gargoyled Notre Dame cathedral, architectural icons offer a timeless familiarity for the first-time or frequent visitor. Whether seeking a cosy neighbourhood bistro or a Michelin-starred temple to gastronomy, you will find exquisite cuisine invariably served with wine.

From $400 per person twin share



Lyon is France’s third largest city, and offers today’s urban explorers a wealth of enticing experiences. Outstanding museums, a dynamic cultural life, a thriving university and fantastic shopping lend the city a distinctly sophisticated air, while adventurous gourmets can indulge in their wildest gastronomic fantasies. Don’t leave the city without sampling some Lyonnais specialties in a bouchon – the quintessential Lyon experience.

From $460 per person twin share



From headline sights and lesser-known gems, from the world-class museums in South Kensington to the up-and-coming neighbourhoods of East London and dubbed the world’s most multicultural city, London has something for everyone. With great hotels, restaurants and cafés, pubs and bars, live music and clubs, shops, theatre, kids’ activities and more, you’ll be sure to make the most of your time in London.

From $400 per person twin share



Sleek, slick and cosmopolitan, Geneva is a rare breed of a city: it’s among Europe’s priciest, its people chatter in every language under the sun and it’s constantly perceived as the Swiss capital (it isn’t). Superbly strung around the shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake, this is only Switzerland’s third-largest city. From lakeside silky-smooth promenades and iconic fountain of record-breaking heights, to a pedestrian Old Town, the heart and soul of Geneva can be found in the Pâquis quarter where local neighbourhood bars hum with attitude.

From $450 per person twin share



Seven hillsides overlooking the Rio Tejo cradle Lisbon’s postcard-perfect panorama of cobbled alleyways, ancient ruins and white-domed cathedrals – a captivating recipe crafted over centuries. Wander past azulejo-splashed architecture and wine-stained traditional tabernas in the city’s compact web of crotchety back alleys with no particular place to go is the best way to explore this historic city. And amid these seven hills, you always emerge to a jaw-dropping view, be it castelo, Tejo or tram.

From $450 per person twin share