Mont Blanc Customer Experiences

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challenging and beautiful!

"This hike was by far the best holiday experience I’ve ever had. Definitely a must do! We had an amazing guide, Becki Penrose, who had a wealth of knowledge and was absolutely fantastic. It is the combination of nature, culture and at the end of the day accomplishing something amazing that makes this experience special. Accommodation each night was great. Challenging and beautiful! 10/10.”

Rakesh Quinn, NSW – June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

The Val Veny valley

enjoyed the whole experience

"We enjoyed the whole experience; including the challenging walks every day, the magnificent views, great company in our fellow trekkers and a special mention about our guide, Julien, who did a terrific job in planning the best routes, arranging lunch and snacks, booking dinners and most importantly, guiding us safely through the whole trek.”

Peter Ronald Tunks, VIC – June 2019
Trekking the Mont Blanc Circuit (13 days)

A truly amazing experience

“A challenging walk through spectacular scenery. A truly amazing experience!”

Annette Walters, QLD – July 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Self-Guided  (13 days)

Hiker posing for a photo on the tour du mont blanc

Highly recommend!

“Wonderful trek in an absolutely stunning location. Good support from RAW Travel in the lead up to the trek and enjoyed full confidence in our expert guide to get us around the route safely. Highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for a significant physical challenge.”

Paul O’Sullivan, VIC – June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

Absolutely picturesque

“Early season hiking was just incredible. Snow, fields of flowers, glorious sunshine. It was absolutely picturesque. Our guide, Dave, was a great leader and made sure everyone got the most out of the trip.”

Jessica Stone (QLD), June 2018
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

Tour du Mont Blanc trek
Tour du Mont Blanc trek

immersed in magnificent scenery

“I had a wonderful trek, immersed in the magnificent scenery together with my fellow trekkers, even though some of it was very challenging for me. Our guide, David, was the best. His generous nature, patience, knowledge, experience and humour made all the difference. It was a great trip.”

Jennifer Trethowan, VIC – June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Circuit Trek (13 days)

memorable and special

“The entire trip was seamlessly run from the beginning. All aspects of the trip were exemplary. Particular commendation must be given to our guide Dave – his professionalism, expert knowledge of the Tour du Mont Blanc route and good nature made the trip that much more memorable and special. The hike itself was physically challenging, especially with the snow passes, but the aforementioned aspects made it enjoyable and rewarding.”

Wayne Shih, VIC – June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

Tour du Mont Blanc trek
Tour du Mont Blanc trek

challenging and rewarding

“From the first day, experience and reward kept coming at us. Physically, the first two days were the most challenging, but once we got to the summit, the views made the effort so much sweeter. We were blessed with amazing weather – which only added to the experience and our guide, Dave, was a brilliant leader.”

Felicity Boyd and Natasha Freeman, TAS – September 2019
Tour du Mont Highlights (8 days)

our guide was simply amazing

“What a fabulous experience! Our guide Becki was simply amazing. Her vast knowledge of the geography and flora was as impressive as her ability to communicate it. She instilled confidence in us and never pressured us to do anything we were uncomfortable with. Instead, she provided us with invaluable tips and guidance to get through the more difficult patches.”

Pierina Di Stella, VIC – June 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

Tour du Mont Blanc trek
Tour du Mont Blanc trek

loved the comaraderie

“The sights were definitely the high point. We also loved the camaraderie on the trip. The group came together really well. We all supported each other when we struggled. Our guide was fantastic. He gave us small achievable goals which helped our mindsets and helped us conquer some things that at first looked daunting. I will look back with pride on my achievements.”

Lisa Robertson, NSW – September 2019
Tour du Mont Blanc Highlights (8 days)

Felt like the Sound of music!

“I absolutely loved our guided hike of the Tour du Mt Blanc. The scenery was spectacular – I felt like I was in the Sound of Music! Whilst it was challenging, it was still thoroughly enjoyable, and the sense of achievement on completing it was immeasurable. Nothing was too much trouble for our guide David from fording rivers so we could cross safely to ensuring that we could manage the steep ascents by giving us tips and tricks for doing so. Loved every minute.

Angela Webber, VIC – June 2019
Trekking the Mont Blanc Circuit - Guided (13 days)

Tour du Mont Blanc trek
Tour du Mont Blanc trek

so well planned

“Great trip, amazing experience and everything so well planned. The whole trip, though tough, was made so enjoyable and very memorable by our great guide, Gary Daines. He ensured we all had the best experience possible and considered everyones’ needs and capabilities. Gary’s professionalism and experience, personality and humour made the trip an unforgettable experience.

Jane Dawn, NZ – July 2019
Trekking the Mont Blanc Circuit (13 days)