You say Camino, I say Kumano

Sue Chater Camino

If you’ve completed the Camino (or a section of it) across northern Spain there’s a good chance you will want to walk th…

The Santiago Botafumeiro

Sue Chater Camino

The Santiago Botafumeiro (pronounced Bot A Fum Ey O) is a famous thurible and one of the largest incense burners in the…

Lisbon’s Sardine Festival

Sue Chater Camino

Every year from 12–14 June, Lisbon honours its most respected saint with a sardine festival. The first of several saints…

Washing on the Camino

Sue Chater Camino

As your Camino adventure approaches, you may start wondering what to pack. How many outfits will cover a 41-day active w…

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