01 Oct 20

The revival of the Ancient Camino Pilgrimage Routes

Sue Chater Camino

The ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route (The Way of St James) across northern Spain draws people of all different motivations and nationalities, including 1000s of Australians, who are now embarking on the Camino thanks to the movie The Way and the inspiring tales of returning friends.

A huge variety of people from more than 130 countries walk the Camino every year: the young, the old, the fit, the unfit, the seasoned hiker, the sports lover, those on a personal spiritual journey, those interested in its ancient pagan past, those wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and those who simply want an adventure walking through a foreign county for a few weeks.

780km that will change your life!

The Camino de Santiago is the world’s greatest spiritual adventure. Walking this remarkable route is an ancient tradition. The unique combination of history, scenery, Spanish food and wine, the camaraderie, and the hospitality shown to those on the pilgrim route make it a fascinating and unforgettable journey.

I rate walking the Camino from Sarria to Santiago as one of the highlights of my life. Everything about the walk lived up to our expectations.” Susanne Sutton, Western Australia

There is a palpable energy on the trail and an opportunity to make genuine connections with other travellers: on the Camino, everyone is equal, carrying only what they need, and so they have more freedom to share parts of themselves that they rarely would reveal.

The chance to embrace a simpler life is very much part of the Camino’s appeal – the daily rhythm of walking reduces life to its essentials. It will give you the time and space to connect with your dreams, be in nature, find inner strength and wisdom, and experience spiritual peace, which at times can be difficult to grasp.

Whatever your reason for going, the journey inevitably changes everyone who takes it, helping each person to grow in their knowledge of themselves and enabling them to be better than they were.

Yes my body is home but my heart and mind are in Spain. What an unbelievable totally awesome adventure. I lived, love and treasure my Camino way.” – Melanie De Wet, Queensland

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