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'Adventure in a box'

Independent Adventures

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Six Foot Track

Follow in the footsteps of 20,000 years of the Gundungurra people and over 135 years of explorers and adventurers hiking the Blue Mountains’ historic and rugged Six Foot track.

Step off the well-known paths of the Blue Mountains and find something that little bit more enticing. It’s not a breeze, but is anything with rewards like these? This challenging hike gets you from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves through forested national and state parks along a heritage horse track. Enjoy rainforest, heath and woodlands, and consider venturing off the path to discover some other well-known walks. You’re close to the city, but as you pitch your tent and stargaze, you’ll feel a million miles away.

Just need the food?

If you prefer to order just the food from us then  no problem! We have a separate website with full details on our food range that you can order individually at  rawtucker.com.au

Woman standing on the summit ledge with magnificent views of the valley and escarpment cliffs, a sky full of sunrise colour and a moon setting in the sky (Woman standing on the summit ledge with magnificent views of the valley and escarpment cliffs, a


Get ready for

Towering sandstone cliffs and escarpment views
Wildlife of kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas,
Varied Birdlife including cockatoos and lyrebirds
● Lush rainforest vegetation
● Unique flora including the endangered Megalong Valley bottlebrush
● The impressive  Bowtells Swing Bridge & a variety of waterways
● Remnants of small isolated colonial settlements, long since abandoned
● The spectacular Carlotta Arch and the views over the Blue Lake
● Impressive limestone caves at Jenolan Caves that date back hundreds of
millions of years
● Stepping back in time at historic Jenolan Caves house



Six Foot Track

Day 1: Explorers Tree to Coxs River campsite 16km/6-7 hours

More details are given in our app & information guide

Day 2: Coxs River campsite to Black Range campsite 19km/8-9 hours

More details are given in our app & information guide

Day 3: Black Range campsite to Jenolan Caves 10km / 3-4 hours

More details are given in our app & information guide

Extend your trip - 5 day itinerary

Most walkers usually take 3 days/2 nights to complete the Six Foot Track, although it is possible to stretch it over five slower-paced and more leisurely days, with four
nights camping along the way.Talk to our staff before you confirm your trip if you’d like to add more days to make a 5-day walk or to allow time for other side trips and we can adjust your meal packs and camping permits accordingly.

Below is how you can extend this to a 5 day itinerary:

Day 4: Alum Creek campsite to Black Range campsite 13km/5-7 hours 

Day 5: Black Range campsite  to Jenolan Caves 10km / 3-4 hours


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Explore the Six Foot Track

Length: 45km
Duration: 3 days
Grade: Hard
Route type: Linear trail, from A to B (can be walked in reverse)
Start: Explorers Tree, Katoomba
End: Caves House, Jenolan Caves
Location: Blue Mountains NSW
Closest Town: Katoomba

Senior couple bushwalking in the spectacular Australian Blue Mountains

On the trail

The Experience

The terrain of Six Foot Track is varied, with rocky descents down the escarpment through gorges with lush vegetation and tall rainforest, over creek beds, as well as through open farmland and rugged native bush landscapes. The path is narrow and steep in some places with plenty of rocks and tree roots which can be very slippery to negotiate. It can be especially treacherous during or after wet weather. Elsewhere the landscape opens up and the path becomes much wider and more even underfoot, a reflection of its origins and its name which refers to the width of the initial track. Lengthy sections of the current track are along graded fire trails and some 4WD access roads


What's Included?

  • Our detailed guide to hiking the Six Foot Track  – contains all the essential information you need to know in advance
  • 3 days worth of food for your adventure; breakfast, lunch and dinner each day – delivered straight to your home
  • Our own range of Lightweight, highly nutritious meals that are locally sourced, delicious and easy to carry & cook ( freeze dried and dehydrated)
  • Our ‘state of the art’ Navigation app to guide you on the track; showing huts, campsites and all points of Interest along the way
  • Delivery to your door* of our ‘Adventure in a box’ food parcel
  • Our ‘Get fit for hiking’ e-guide for backpacking adventures
  • 10% GST included

* Additional $35 delivery charge for locations in NT, WA and Northern Queensland

Not Included
  •  Transfers or transport to trailheads in Katoomba / Jenolan caves
  • No equipment included
  •  Camping site registration booking (required)

The Essentials

Information Guides

Our essential information guides give you everything you need to know – and none of the information you don’t – to prepare well for one of these hikes. We cover off all transport and transfers with contacts, full equipment lists tailored to each walk, and safety factors to consider that can be unique to each track. We give you the information you need to know about water and where the best accommodation is before and after your trip, plus overviews of Aboriginal & European history and wildlife you can expect to encounter.

It saves countless hours of trawling through websites, guidebooks and forums to get to the essential information you need to know, so you don’t forget to factor in anything for your adventure.


Walking App

Finding your way

Our unique RAW Travel walking app has been designed to help you navigate easily on the trail. Simply download your map with the link we send you and you’ll be able to follow your route with ease, showing your location in real time without any internet connection needed. The app has many great features; it shows you weather forecasts localised for each of your overnight stops, detailed information on each campsite/ hut and what facilities are available there so you don’t need to carry our trail guide. There are important reminders, safety information, videos and emergency contact information for your route. It also has a unique audio feature that can tell you about places and points of interest as you approach them on the trail.


Need to Know

How fit do I need to be?

We classify this as a challenging walk that best suits more experienced hikers with a good level of fitness and confidence. The trail may be on the short side, but still poses a challenge for even a seasoned walker, with rocky descents down the escarpment through gorges. The path is narrow and steep in some places with plenty of rocks and tree roots which can be very slippery to negotiate.

Can you hire gear and equipment locally?

Yes. There are a couple of outdoor gear hire companies in Sydney who can help outfit you with equipment for the Six Foot Track details are given in our guide which you receive after booking.

How do you access the trailhead?

If you are travelling into New South Wales from interstate with the main purpose of hiking the Six Foot Track, we suggest you fly into Sydney and take one of the frequent trains from Sydney Airport into the city centre. There are frequent train services from Sydney’s Central Station to Katoomba where we recommend staying one night prior to beginning the hike the following day.

From Katoomba you can either walk or take a local bus or taxi the short distance to the Explorers Tree where you will find the clearly marked Six Foot Track trailhead. The regular local 698 bus from Katoomba towards Blackheath stops at the Bonnie Doon reserve, just a few hundred metres from the Explorers Tree.

If you live in Sydney or are driving from elsewhere in N.S.W then your vehicle can be left while you are walking the Six Foot Track in either Katoomba or at the carpark at the trailhead near the Explorers Tree.

The Six Foot Track hike usually starts near Katoomba and finishes at Jenolan Caves. It is important to arrange your return transport from Jenolan Caves back to Katoomba before you start your walk. Jenolan Caves is tucked away in a relatively isolated location without any ‘through transport’, so it is very difficult to access any transport from there unless pre-arranged. RAW Travel can book transfers for you (for an additional cost) or you can book directly.

Full transport details and contacts are given in our information guide.


What's involved with an Independent adventure?

Independent adventures place you at the centre of the experience, giving you the confidence to be a self-reliant walker on the trail. We take care of the research needed and give you all the essential information relating to the trip ( a task that seasoned walkers can tell you often takes many hours to get the correct information) so you can be thoroughly prepared and confident that you have  everything you need for your adventure. We give you all the contacts &  details to nearby transportation, accommodation and hire services,  highlight any risks to be aware of and how to mitigate them.

The food prep is a major hassle of many hikers trips and we solve that for you. We prepare all the food that you need for your trip, all pre-measured and dehydrated / freeze dried to take away the weight but keep the freshness. Our meals are reviewed by Nutritionists to provide the right daily nutrition and energy for your demands of the walk. And our ingredients are prepared from the best local ingredients here on the Mornington Peninsula, cooked to order and freeze dried fresh – not sitting on a shelf for years at a time!

Once you arrive at the trail it’s all over to you the adventure begins!  You are free and independent to create your own experience the way you want it. We provide you with an app to help you navigate in real time on the trail and give you the campsite locations and points of interest but you are completely autonomous & self – supporting on the walk.  These trips are best suited to people who relish that sense of liberation and freedom that comes with being self-reliant and don’t need the back up of a leader or group travel. Independent Adventures are different from our other self – guided walking trips as there are no briefings, transfers or local support from RAW Travel staff. It’s just you and nature out on the trail!

Can you walk this trail solo?

If you are an experienced walker then yes, but not recommended for a beginner to walk solo due to the challenging terrain.


What are the camping areas like?

All campsites on the Six Foot Track are first-come, first-served and open to all self-guided walkers. The campsites along the Six Foot Track at Coxs River and Black Range are equipped with a toilet, water tank and an open-sided shelter with picnic table for meals. There is no electricity, lighting or running water. Carrying a tent and other camping gear is mandatory. Pets and smoking is prohibited, as are campfires (fuel stoves are allowed, depending on current fire ban status). Water supplies are limited so it is also recommended that you carry means of water purification, in the event that a water tank may be empty or out of order.

Best walking season?

Spring and autumn are the recommended and most popular time to walk, with milder weather conditions conducive to multi-day walking and overnight camping. In spring and
autumn the daytime temperatures are usually quite comfortable and in the 20s, although days with higher temperatures into the 30s are also experienced especially in March and November.

The summer months from December through to early March are hotter and drier,`with more sunlight and longer days. The weather can be humid and water supplies scarce, with higher bushfire danger.

The winter months from June to late August/early September also require more caution and planning, with less daylight hours so shorter walking days are possible.

More details are given in our information guide.





Positive impacts

Social and environmental

All our adventures are fully carbon offset so that you know your travel has minimal impacts. Hiking itself is a low impact activity but we offset the cost of all our office operations and food production as well, so you can be satisfied that you have chosen a form of travel that is both good for you and good for the planet. Each year we also plant trees on behalf of every customer who has travelled with us, aiming to build towards a carbon positive effect with our operations.

As a B-Corp a focus on local community is an important part of who we are. We are committed to buying locally and source our produce from growers here on the Mornington Peninsula. We care about people in our community and for every meal pack you buy with us we donate a meal to a homeless support charity, to spread some love and share good food with those who need it most.


TRIP date selection

when would you like to travel?

Please select your preferred dates for on-demand trips or select a scheduled date for group departures. If you have booked a self-guided trip please understand that because your trip date is on demand and we must check availability of all properties on your chosen dates before it can be fully confirmed


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