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Camino del Norte - Ribadeo to Santiago de Compostela

This final 197km section of the Camino del Norte takes pilgrims on an epic journey from Ribadeo through the Galician countryside to join with the Camino Frances near Arzua, before reaching the final destination of both these pilgrimage routes – Santiago de Compostela. Hikers on this section are able to experience and enjoy the diverse character of both Camino routes – the peaceful paths of the Camino del Norte with few pilgrims, in contrast to the camaraderie and excitement on the much busier Camino Frances trail.

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Praia das Catedrais, Galicia


Get Ready For

  • Visit Ribadeo’s coastline and the spectacular Praia das Catedrais
  • Enjoy the solitude hiking the through peaceful rural Galicia
  • Join in the excitement and anticipation with many pilgrims as the Camino routes converge 
  • Savour your first views of the stunning Catedral de Santiago spire at Monte do Gozo, Mount of Joy
  • Qualify for your compostela by hiking the last 100km into Santiago 
  • Attend a Pilgrims Mass at Santiago de Compostela’s awe-inspiring cathedral
Farmland, Galicia, Spain

On the trail

What it's like underfoot

After leaving the Galician coastline and Ribadeo behind, the quiet Del Norte trail takes hikers through the tranquillity of Galicia’s forests, lush green farmland and small rural settlements until it eventually merges with the much busier Camino Frances just before Arzua. There are a few hiking days with less strenuous terrain, interspersed with days with more uphills and often undulating terrain, and some steeper ascents and descents along the way to challenge hikers. From Arzua the trail becomes much busier as you get nearer to Santiago de Compostela. 


Daily Details

Day 1: Arrive Ribadeo

After arriving, the remainder of the day is free to explore Ribadeo and its surroundings. The Historical Quarter, the fascinating Barrio de San Roque and the area surrounding the Playa del Espana with its variety of architectural styles, are all worth exploring. A visit to the famous Praia das Catedrais (Playa de las Catedrales – Cathedrals Beach) located a short distance from the city is a highlight for most visitors. This stunning beach is renowned for its impressive rock formations and natural arches, which resemble the grandeur of cathedral interiors! Ribadeo is a great place for an introduction to Galician cuisine. Seafood is in abundance with octopus, lobster and squid amongst the dishes on offer – a tasting menu is a great way to sample a wide range of the local dishes.

DAY 2: Walk Ribadeo to Lourenza (28km)

After leaving Ribadeo behind, begin today’s long hike inland towards the green Galician hills. The route is largely rural with forests of eucalyptus trees with their familiar scent. The quiet path climbs uphill through sleepy hamlets and villages, so make sure you carry food with you in case there are no shops available to purchase food. In Lourenza marvel at the impressive Monastery of San Salvador, a 10th-century Benedictine monastery that stands at the entrance of the town. This medieval monastery is renowned for its architectural beauty and religious significance, attracting visitors from near and far.

Meals: B

Day 3: Walk Lourenza to Abadín (25km)

The terrain through this section of the trail features some notable inclines and descents to contend with; however you will be rewarded with beautiful views and an ever-changing landscape and peaceful surroundings. This area of Galicia is known for its dairy and agricultural products like honey, chestnuts, and traditional Galician liqueurs which are made from local fruits and herbs. Take time for a break and to visit the impressive 13th century cathedral as you pass through historic Mondonedo, as the following 11.5km is an uphill hike to your overnight destination, Abadin.

Meals: B

DAY 4: Walk Abadín to Vilalba (20km)

The trail between Abadín and Vilalba features gently undulating terrain as it winds its way through scenic wooded countryside and peaceful farmland, crossing some minor rivers and streams en route. There are several tiny villages that offer rest stops for pilgrims, however amenities are limited so it’s always a good idea to be prepared and carry snacks. There are several attractions and activities to explore in Vilalba city, including its castle and a medieval fortress offering panoramic views of the town and surroundings. Make sure you take a stroll through the historic centre, where you can visit the Santa María de Vilalba Church and explore the narrow streets filled with shops and cafes. Don’t forget to try local delicacies such as empanadas (savoury pies), the famous Galician beef and local cheeses. 

Meals: B

DAY 5: Walk Vilalba to Baamonde (20km)

The trail winds its way through flat fertile farmland called “Terra Cha” which translates as ‘flat’ or ‘plain’ land and is an accurate description of today’s landscape. Along the way you will pass through several small and charming villages and some tiny churches which are worthwhile visiting.

Meals: B

Day 6: Walk Baamonde to Miraz (15km)

The route today is again relatively easy, with mainly flat terrain and some gentle inclines. You can enjoy the scenic Galician countryside as you stroll towards Miraz, a small rural village that offers a glimpse into the local history and culture of the area. Don’t forget to visit the small church of Santa Maria de Miraz (Church of Santa Maria) and the Capilla de San Alberte (Chapel of San Alberte), both built in traditional Galician architectural style usually characterised by the use of stone. Afterward, you will be transferred to your overnight accommodation.

Meals: B

DAY 7: Walk Miraz to Sobrado dos Monxes (26km)

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of rural Galicia as you follow the Camino del Norte’s trails through fields, meadows, and pretty wooded stretches as you ascend steadily to A Roxica and then onto Marcela, the highest point of this section at 710m. Enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding countryside from Alto de Vilar before taking a moment to pause and reflect on your accomplishments on your Camino pilgrimage. You soon arrive at the captivating village of Sobrado dos Monxes renowned for its monastery built in the 10th century. Explore the village at your leisure taking in the traditional stone houses, local shops and restaurants. 

Meals: B

Day 8: Walk Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzúa (22km)

A truly significant day, as today is your last day hiking on the quieter Camino del Norte before it merges with the Camino Francés just before Arzúa. Arzúa is a vibrant town that serves as a welcoming hub for pilgrims. You will notice the increase in pilgrim activity, providing you with a unique opportunity to engage with your fellow pilgrims and share stories as you come together. For foodies, be sure to try Arzúa’s famous cheese, “Queso de Arzúa-Ulloa”, it is delicious!

Meals: B

Day 9: Walk Arzúa to O’Pedrouzo (21km)

Today’s route will be noticeably busier as the Camino del Norte has now merged with the main Camino Frances trail, so you will be joined on the trail by many pilgrims walking the final days of their pilgrimage journeys into Santiago de Compostela. The majority of today’s walk to O Pedrouzo is through wonderful pine and eucalyptus scented woodland. The path is mostly level, passing through three shallow river valleys with a gradual climb up to Alto de Santa Irene at 404m. The country lanes and woodland paths pass through many small hamlets. The final section climbs steeply to a main road, into eucalyptus woodland and onto A Rua and the village to O Pedrouzo. O Pedrouzo /Arco do Pino is a small but busy town with plenty of shops, restaurants and bars and the staging point for the last section of the Camino before entering Santiago de Compostela.

Meals: B

Day 10: Walk O’Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela (20km)

Today begins the last stage of your walk into Santiago. The pilgrims mass at Santiago Cathedral begins at midday so we recommend leaving early to arrive on time. The first section of today’s route passes through eucalypt forests with most of the route on quiet roads and pathways before the final kilometres and a climb to Mount Gozo before descending into the suburbs of Santiago. The path runs alongside the airport and you will see many crosses of twigs and branches used by pilgrims to decorate the fence. Lavacolla village is where pilgrims traditionally wash to purify themselves before entering Santiago, and Lavacolla literally means to wash your tail. At Monte do Gozo, Mount of Joy, you will first sight the stunning Catedral de Santiago spires. The final section is well signposted into the old quarter with its wonderful historical buildings and narrow shop filled alleyways, until you finally reach the Praza Obradoiro in the heart of Santiago de Compostela, and the wonderful ancient Cathedral. 

Meals: B

Day 11: Free day In Santiago

Today you have the whole day to enjoy and explore historic Santiago de Compostela with its many enticing tapas bars and restaurants. You can attend the midday pilgrims mass and look around the famous Cathedral of St James which forms the city’s heart and watch the steady stream of excited pilgrims arriving into the square as they finish their epic journey. Alternatively you may like to take a day trip out to visit Finisterre, the ‘end of the world’ or a shorter rooftop tour of Santiago, both of which can easily be arranged locally.

Day 12: Depart Santiago

You are free to check out of your hotel any time before 10am. If you would like to explore Santiago further you are able to leave your bags with reception.

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As you arrive into Ribadeo, you’ll see the Bridge of the Saints or Puente de los Santos, which spans the Eo River and marks the border between Asturias and Galicia. Ribadeo is a great place for an introduction to Galician cuisine. A short distance from the city is Praia das Catedrais, a stunning beach famous for its impressive rock formations and natural arches, which resemble the grandeur of cathedral interiors!


The impressive Monastery of San Salvador stands at the entrance to Lourenzá, The picturesque old town has cobbled streets, stone houses, and quaint squares.


Abadín is surrounded by the scenic Galician countryside, with rolling green hills, meadows, and forests It may not be as well-known as some of the larger cities in Galicia, but its quiet beauty and historical character make it a delightful stop.


The city of Vilalba has a castle and medieval fortress offering panoramic views of the town and surroundings. In the historic centre you can visit the Santa María de Vilalba Church and explore the narrow streets filled with shops and cafes. Local delicacies include empanadas (savoury pies), famous Galician beef, and local cheeses.


The Camino del Norte passes through the small rural village of Baamonde, which is surrounded by farms and agricultural land, and about 100km from Santiago de Compostela.

Sobrado dos Monxes

This captivating village is known for its monastery built in the 10th century. It is an imposing building of large dimensions and baroque style.


This is the last large town before you reach Santiago. It has plenty of restaurants bars and cafes and a few ATMs. The 14th century Capilla de la Magdelena is the town’s main monument. Arzúa is most famous for its local cheese, Queixo, a smooth creamy cheese made from cow’s milk which most restaurants feature in some way and is definitely worth trying.

O Pedrouzo

This small busy town has plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. It is the last stage of the Camino before entering Santiago de Compostela.

Santiago de Compostela

The wonderful and historic city of Santiago is the end of the Camino journey for most pilgrims. Praza do Obradoiro and the wonderful ancient Cathedral form the city’s heart. Attend the midday pilgrims mass and watch the steady stream of pilgrims arriving into the square as they finish their epic journey. There are many enticing tapas bars and restaurants in which to celebrate your journey.



What's included?

  • 11 nights accommodation including hotels, small guesthouses and country houses, on a double/twin share basis
  • Daily breakfast
  • Luggage transfer each day from hotel to hotel (1 x <20kg bag per person)
  • Use of RAW Travel navigation App during your Camino, with maps of your hotel locations and emergency contact numbers
  • Local and Australian emergency contact numbers
  • Dedicated local support person in Spain
  • Single supplement $795
  • Solo Traveller surcharge if applicable for luggage transfers
  • Peak season surcharge if applicable at time of booking
  • Lunches and dinners
  • Local buses, trains, boats or taxis if needed  
  • Flights 
  • Train tickets 
  • Travel insurance
  • Guidebook and phrasebook
  • Arrival or departure transfers
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Camino de Santiago

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