Long-distance walking isn’t something you should attempt without preparation. For comfort and success, you need to build strength and stamina, buy the correct hiking gear, learn about proper nutrition and hydration, and understand the required fitness levels and terrain you’ll be walking on.

Whether you are preparing for your first long-distance walk or are a seasoned walker, we’ll support you all the way!

We’ve got training guides, expert tips, free events and more to help you choose a trip that’s right for you and complete your walking adventure with a smile and energy left over.

Trip Grader

Pick the right walk for you

Trip Grading

From easy walking on well-signposted, well-maintained trails to high-pass crossings in remote areas, we’ve got multi-day walks to suit novices to veteran adventurers.

To help you decide which RAW Travel trip is right for you, we have graded our trips from 1 (Introductory) to 10 (Tough).

See more of trip gradings.

destination expert on the trail

The advice you need

Destination Experts

At RAW travel, we are all passionate walkers who love adventure travel in beautiful, historic locations.

Our Destination Experts have an intimate knowledge of our walking destinations.

They take these trips each year, so they can offer you first-hand advice to help you prepare physically and mentally for your walking adventure.

Call us today for a friendly chat on (03) 5976 3763

Walk Prep

Exclusive details to help you prepare

Training Brochures

All our multi-day walks require a suitable level of physical preparation. Walking for many hours over successive days carrying a daypack is likely to be very different from your current walking schedule.

We recommend you undertake a training program for at least 3 months leading up to your departure.

Check out our essential free training guides to help you get walking fit, tailored for each destination.


Inspiration to Preparation

Destination Guides

For a big dose of inspiration, travel essentials and trail information, check out our comprehensive Destination Guides – you’ll find everything you need to know about each walk, all in one place!

See our Destination Guides section.

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