The RAW Travel story

At RAW Travel we believe in offering a limited selection of the world's best walks but doing it really well!

We still get excited by maps and love the thrill of planning a great walking adventure for our travellers that can excite, inspire and challenge them. We still believe nothing beats good old fashioned service and love to connect with our customers in the flesh and not just virtually. So visit us at our offices, come to our training days and information nights and get real service from real hikers!


Meet the Team

Travellers, trekkers, true-life adventurers...all kinds of people form our RAW Travel Team both in the office and overseas in the field. We have our base in the lively seaside town of Mornington, Victoria.

We can't fit our team in one photo as they are spread across our destinations from the Great Ocean Road to far western Spain, the Alps, UK and Japan. All our staff are united by a common love of active travel and a mission to turn our clients travel dreams into reality.

Read more about the diverse and passionate individuals who make up the RAW Travel team here

"96% of our travellers say they'd travel with us again"

Our back story

RAW Travel has been around for a while - in fact, we've been in this business for more than 20 years.

Owners Dave & Melinda Reynolds have been operating and leading trips since the 1990s. They were attracted to each other by a shared passion for trekking and globetrotting in far-flung places. The thrill of adventure has remained a constant in their relationship, and they have now passed their passion onto their kids.

RAW Travel has stayed true to its roots as a family owned and ethical business. It has a proud history of leading and operating walks worldwide. Check out the huge difference we've made with charitable causes over the years and why the heck it was called RAW Travel!

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The owners Trekking the Simiens Mountains Ethiopia 1999

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Treading lightly

In today’s world, travelling lightly is no longer just an admirable sentiment but a necessity. At RAW Travel we're always seeking ways to reduce our footprint and improve our company's positive environmental and social impact. In particular, we favour small local suppliers to ensure the benefits of travel are distributed equally and reach those people who need it the most.

RAW Travel is committed to giving back 10% of our annual profits for the planet and social purpose. Our staff are given volunteering time for carefully selected causes.

By contributing to initiatives that benefit our environment - as well as carbon offsetting our travel activities and those of our customers - we can be a good role model for the travel industry and help bring about more sustainable practices. Rest assured, your decision to travel with RAW is a more positive choice for the planet!

To learn more about our environmental and social initiatives see our Planet page.


RAW Travel is Australia's leading specialist for international walks.

We passionately believe a walking trip offers unique travel experiences and opportunities that vehicle bound travel can’t. Travelling on foot means you slow down and really see the world around you.

Walking is a great detox to the stresses of modern life. Following a multi-day walking trail is an enriching experience that energises, stimulates and excites the senses and allows you to escape daily routines.

Walking offers opportunities to share experiences with new friends, connect more deeply with one another and the local people on their terms as you immerse yourself in different cultures. Exploring regions on foot is very eco-friendly, not to mention what it does for your health and fitness.

If you're new to walking, then you've come to the right place!  We offer in-depth resources, local training days and lots more. 

Check out our Training page to find out how we can support your journey

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Our Commitment to you

At RAW we take the time to really care and understand what our customers want. Our outstanding service and unrivalled expert knowledge makes us Australia's leading international walking company and sets us ahead of the pack.

The slogan ‘we know because we go’ is real. We send our office team on the walks they look after. This means you will always get relevant first-hand advice from people who've walked the trails themselves. 

Flexibility is at the heart of our offer. We are the only company that positively encourages people to come and see us. You can talk with one of our destination specialists before you book your trip - and design it just the way you want it.  It means that sometimes we won't be the cheapest option but we will be the company most likely to give you the very best experience and accommodation!  

RAW operates its own adventures in most destinations. With our own team on the ground, we are able to keep control over the quality of your trip, while at the same time offering you reassurance and support.

As a primarily ‘direct to customer’ company we avoid the commissions and overheads associated with the traditional travel distribution network and charge in your own currency - with no price increases after you've booked! 

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Business as a force for good

At RAW, we believe that the world needs to find a new way of doing business. Our societies and our environment are crying out for change. Rather than wait for governments to implement change, we can be that change ourselves.

RAW Travel is on its way to becoming a Benefit Corporation ( B-Corp). This is a rigorous new certification process to identify progressive companies that are a force for good. It means we are assessing our impacts on the environment, our staff, our customers and our community.

RAW Travel is also a supporter of KIVA micro-credit finance, which is empowering women, in particular, to access loans to improve their family's living conditions and their communities.

Through the hundreds of Charity fundraising trips we ran between 2003 and 2017, RAW Travel has been a long-time supporter of initiatives and charities that create just societies, tackle poverty, encourage gender equality and combat sex trafficking in Asia.

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