10 Dec 20

Travel Insurance

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Here’s our top 10 tips for choosing travel insurance

1. Make sure it’s adequate for a walking holiday

Does it include emergency evacuation for mountain trips? Does it cover extreme weather contingencies like typhoons that will cause disruption to your travel plans and leave you out of pocket? Ensure your insurance provider has its own in-house emergency team to provide assistance should you require it.

2. Don’t leave it too late

It won’t cost any extra to arrange travel insurance at the time of booking; however, it could potentially save you a fortune down the track. Insurers may not cover you if you have booked insurance AFTER a foreseeable event has occurred, eg flights cancelled due to an upcoming typhoon.

3. Ask questions

Find the right product to suit your needs.

4. Choose a reputable insurer

Choosing a company with a good reputation means they will know how to look after you in your time of need.

5. Read carefully – what is and isn’t covered?

Travel insurance products can vary greatly. It’s important to read what is covered and find the policy that is right for you. When you have spent thousands on your trip make sure your insurance is up to scratch and will cover you properly.

6. Lower the premium

To save on the upfront premium, look for a policy with a variable excess option.

7. Declare existing medical conditions

Avoid delays in your insurance purchase by looking for a provider that offers an immediate assessment service.

8. Don’t get caught out

Credit cards generally have strict restrictions for free insurance coverage; make sure you read the policy wording and identify any gaps.

9. Keep receipts

Keep hold of any reports or receipts in the event you need to claim.

10. Don’t travel overseas without travel insurance

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