01 Oct 20

Dolomites Dishes – Delicious!

Diane McGuinness European Alps

Delicious Dolomites dishes you may be offered, at the same meal, you might think of as quintessentially Italian such as risotto or pasta, followed by a hearty goulash and polenta, or local sausage.

Dolomites food shares the same preference for fresh seasonal local ingredients as the rest of Italy but, owing to the northern location and high elevation, also has many dishes that are very Tyrolean in style. This is especially true of the South Tyrol, which is one of the three provinces over which the Dolomites extend.

There are some unique and delicious local specialties such as Casunziei, which originates from the area around Cortina d’Ampezzo. These are handmade ravioli filled with beetroot puree and served simply with melted butter and poppy seeds – they are absolutely delicious!

Also highly recommended is spatzle, a type of gnocchi that is often made with spinach to give it a deep green hue, and is usually served with bacon, mushrooms and a touch of cream.

Even the bread is different – and delicious – up here; the local pane nero is wholemeal bread with fennel seeds, very tasty.

There are many excellent wines grown lower down in the foothills, and some of our hotels and refuges have excellent wine lists. Wine lovers can enjoy savouring the different characteristics of the wine from each province. In South Tyrol, beer is also very popular and very good.

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