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The best time to trek Mont Blanc

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The European Alps summer hiking season officially starts in the second weekend of June and ends in the second last weekend in September.

No matter which month you choose to visit this amazing region, we are sure you will love your TMB trekking experience. Just remember to pack for all conditions – the weather in the Alps can vary dramatically, so come prepared for wet, hot and very cold!


If you are walking early in the season on one of our Mont Blanc treks, you will likely find yourself walking over snow. Although more effort is required, the views of the snow-capped mountains are spectacular and make for great photos!

Even in late June, on some of the higher passes that we cross on our Mont Blanc Highlights Trek or our Mont Blanc Circuit Trek there can still be quite a lot of snow underfoot.


At the start of July, you will find soft snow on the passes and clearer trails. Wildflowers are usually in full bloom for the duration of July making this a popular time to visit.

The Cosmo Jazz Festival in late July offers our hikers the opportunity to enjoy live music in the most breathtaking setting possible, before or after their trek. You might also be lucky enough to see some of the Tour de France riders in the area in July.


As we move into August and the European holiday period, the main towns are busy with vacationing Europeans, the trails are surprisingly quiet, and the weather can be warmer than June or July. You will still need to bring warm clothing as the temperature can vary quite dramatically, even in August.

The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), one of the world’s most prestigious ultra races, is held every year during the last week of August. This event adds an incredible atmosphere to Chamonix and along the trail. Our hikers find it very motivating sharing the trail with runners completing the entire circuit (175km) in less than 48 hours!


As we hike into September, the days become shorter and the fantastic autumn colours paint the scenery. The trails get quieter and the cooler weather arrives. The main lifts around the region usually close between 17 and 20 September, which means days can be much longer if this is not taken into consideration when arriving back into Chamonix.

Exploring Chamonix

Nestled at the foot of Mont Blanc’s majestic snow-capped peak is the picturesque French Alpine town of Chamonix – the gateway to our Tour du Mont Blanc treks. With such great weather, it’s no wonder Chamonix has a large culture of adventure sport. The town offers an intoxicating mixture of incredible mountain scenery, quaint villages, great nightlife, mountain culture, exquisite cuisine, and world-class hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

There are beautiful day walks, dozens of outdoor activities on offer, great shopping if you need to stock up on gear and clothing, atmospheric cafes where you can chill in the sunshine, and even relaxing spa resorts.

Amanda Thompson

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Amanda Thompson

Amanda is RAW Travel's specialist for Slovenia and the European Alps. With a passion for mountain treks and a wealth of industry experience, she's your go-to guru for planning the ultimate adventure. Former PT turned trekking expert, Amanda has the best training tips and insights to ensure your journey through the Alps is nothing short of epic.

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