IT & Digital Marketing

Jack Jurcola

Jack is RAW Travel’s part-time IT and digital marketing guru. He has been interested in computers for as long as he can remember. With a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology & Systems, majoring in Internet Systems, Jack also has a passion for building websites. Before starting at RAW, Jack built two websites: an app that integrated with Facebook that reached 100,000 signed up users; and a blog that has been read over 1 million times.

To complement his website development interests, Jack also became an expert in Digital Marketing, which directly contributed to the success of his sites.

Jack’s travelling career is blossoming. He has lived in Europe twice, mostly camping along the French Riveria, living with relatives in Croatia and riding roller coasters at theme parks. He is itching to go back to Europe after learning so much about the amazing trips that RAW has to offer and reading the amazing feedback that has come in from past travellers.

In his spare time, Jack plays tennis and fights fires – as a volunteer firefighter on the Mornington Peninsula he has attended more than 550 incidents, and counting!

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