“We thrive on making a real difference and believe in making the communities where we operate better places to live and work. That’s why we contribute to both our local community in Australia and in our travel destinations.”

Keeping things local

We are committed to ensuring local, fair-trade goods and services are purchased wherever possible. We carefully select locally-owned accommodation, tour leaders and restaurants and spread our business across a number of suppliers to distribute income. This enables you to support local economies and provide direct employment opportunities. Our focus on all things local also brings you the best local cuisine, local produce and supports local tradition.

Group sizes

We travel in small groups and take the route less travelled, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum immersion – allowing you to genuinely connect with people in the places we visit.

Charitable giving

Over the years, we have helped raise over $18 million with our fundraising trips for 40+ charities in Australia and overseas. We carefully select our charity partners and focus on opportunities that substantially improve people’s lives.

Social empowerment

We support KIVA micro-lending throughout the world which enables us to jointly empower people in developing countries.

Human rights

We strongly support human rights and fair and safe employment conditions. We have adopted a Global Human Rights Policy and are committed to protecting the rights of women, minorities and children. We select our suppliers in line with RAW’s supplier code of conduct and conduct regular site visits of our major suppliers.

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