“We embed our purpose in everything we do. Our purpose is why our staff and customers are more engaged.”

We direct our efforts according to the philosophy of ‘ Think globally, act locally” making sure we are taking positive actions to firstly help our local community and environment.

We invite our staff, customers, suppliers and community to be part of our ‘10% FOR THE PLANET’ journey and empower others to contribute to a healthier planet through actions and education.


We have launched a successful staff volunteering program where every employee has 3 working days to support our charity partners. We also invite our customers to volunteer and support our select group of charities. Please contact our sustainability lead, Birte Moliere, if you’d like to join us on an event: sustainability@rawtravel.com

RAW Travel was involved in 3 initiatives in 2019/20:

Beach cleanups on Port Philip Bay

RAW Travel staff conducts several beach cleaning days a year with the backing of Beach Patrol, local community groups focused on getting plastics and other waste out of our waterways.

Events to support Fusion & local Homeless Youth

RAW Travel is an active partner in the ‘Sleep in Your Car’ fundraising event held in our home town of Mornington by Fusion.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness around Homelessness issues and raise funds for a local shelter supporting at risk Youth.

Tree Planting – one tree for every customer

Our commitment to plant a tree for every customer carried each year means we get our staff out on national tree planting day and other initiatives to fulfill this commitment. 

Our aim is not just be carbon neutral in all our operations & impacts ( with offsets on trips, head office, flights) but to be carbon positive by contributing towards reforestation as well.

We invite our families and RAW travel customers to join us on tree planting days

Educational programmes

RAW is sponsoring the film ‘2040’ for screenings at local schools to help educate and empower young people with positive actions they take to solve climate problems and create a sustainable future.

Kiva Loans

RAW Travel has been a backer of KIVA micro-credit loans, which are especially effective in giving opportunities for women to support their families, communities and own independence through small business initiatives.

We give our new staff the chance to make a loan to women in developing countries in the Asia – Pacific region.

School sponsorships

RAW Travel has also provided educational scholarships to children from remote areas in the Himalayas, such as Dolpo, so they can attend full-time school in Pokhara, Nepal.

A supportive working environment

Our flexible work program ensures our staff have the time to be with their families, follow their passions and live healthy and active lifestyles.

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