Leading the way: RAW Travel cares for the Camino 

Ever spent time in a sensational outdoor location, to find it slightly less than pristine? Chances are you’ve come across bottles, wrappers and cigarette butts scattered along your favourite trails, beaches or floating in waterways. 

Litter is a worldwide problem affecting the places we love. When discarded in nature, litter can take a long time to break down, if at all. Plastic is particularly harmful as it never disappears. Instead it takes over a thousand years to break up into tiny fragments that seep into our soils and groundwater. 

As the popularity of the Camino continues to grow, so does the potential environmental impact if pilgrims aren’t mindful of how they treat the trail.

With this in mind, RAW Travel are launching ‘5 for the Camino’, inviting travellers from all walks of life to unite to help care for the Camino by picking up 5 pieces of litter.

Our RAW Travel family has always taken a proactive role in looking after the places we visit. We’ve spent many hours cleaning trails and local beaches near our headquarters on the Mornington Peninsula – but collectively we can do more! 

By inspiring participation in a simple action, ‘5 for the Camino’ is building a network of Camino stewards who promote clean trail etiquette and advocate to leave only footprints. 

By creating awareness, a little encouragement, new norms and by providing the mechanisms to clean up, step by step we will ensure all future walkers have a sensational journey. 

It’s a simple idea that will make a big difference.

Here’s how you can get involved: 

JOIN OUR INAUGURAL CLEANUP TRIP: As part of this program, RAW Travel is offering the inaugural June 2020 ‘‘Clean up the Camino’ departure. You’ll become a founding ambassador, leading by example by cleaning litter hotspots along the trail. 

BECOME A TRAIL STEWARD: by promoting clean trail etiquette and advocate for responsible use on your next walk. We would love to hear how you go and receive your photos. Please get in contact via [email protected]  

DOWNLOAD THE LITTERATI APP: that tracks the amount of litter you pick up. Just take an in-app picture of the litter you collected, tag it, and upload it to the Litterati digital landfill! Litterati is a great app that will motivate you to continue to pick up litter and do good for the planet.


We encourage you to become a ‘clean trail steward’ on all trails, wherever you are. 

Pick up 5 pieces of litter and you’ve made a big difference! 


The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace provide an easily understood framework of minimum impact practices for anyone visiting the outdoors.

The Seven Leave No Trace Principles

  1. Plan ahead and prepare.                                       
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces.                 
  3. Dispose of waste properly.
  4. Leave what you find.                                            
  5. Minimize campfire impacts (be careful with fire).
  6. Respect wildlife.  
  7. Be considerate of other visitors.

Leave No Trace ‘Waste Disposal’ 

This principle applies to everything from litter to human waste to rinse water.

  • Pack it in, pack it out. Inspect your campsite and rest areas for trash or spilled foods. Pack out all trash, leftover food and litter. Always leave a place cleaner than you found it.
  • Deposit solid human waste in catholes dug 15 to 20cm deep, at least 60 metres feet from water, camp and trails. Cover and disguise the cathole when finished. (Some highly impacted areas require human waste to be packed out, too.)
  • Pack out toilet paper and hygiene products.
  • To wash yourself or dishes, carry water 60 metres away from streams or lakes and use small amounts of biodegradable soap. Scatter strained dishwater.