28 Aug 23

K’Gari Island wonders

Dave Australia & NZ

A small selection of images from two recent trips to the World Heritage biosphere of K’gari (Fraser Island) in August 2023. These were run as one-off exploratory trips (the idea for these  trips were hatched on a Great South West Walk last September by a keen group of our past walkers and guides Dave and Fred).

The K’gari Great Walk takes in so many beautiful freshwater lakes, incredibly diverse forest and towering giant 40m trees, enormous sand blows and diverse wildlife and flora. It truly is a gem!


Written By

Dave Reynolds

Dave is the Director and Founder of RAW Travel. He has 30+ years experience in the adventure travel industry and is a passionate advocate for responsible travel and grassroots tourism. As a lifelong wanderer, he credits his incurable wanderlust to his Celtic ancestry.

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