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Food on the Mont Blanc trail

Diane McGuinness European Alps France

It is not just the amazing views and the fabulous physical challenge that can be enjoyed when you complete your Mont Blanc trek, there are delicious things to eat along the way too. The meals at your accommodation are simple yet nourishing offerings, but there are also some yummy delights to be found in this part of the world.

Local cheese

It’s impossible to talk about this area without talking about cheese. The impressive cheese stores in Chamonix, Courmayeur and the larger towns along the trail are something else. You may also have the opportunity to visit one of the small traditional cheese makers, especially found in the Beaufort and Mont Blanc area. Many local cheese makers follow traditional methods and do this out of passion. Work days are often long and labour intensive, and many local operations are small. But happy alpine cows make excellent cheese so do not miss this delicious opportunity while you are trekking.      

Fondue in Chamonix

If you are dairy intolerant, you may wish to investigate those lactase enzyme tablets so you can enjoy the fabulous fondue experience. There are some great fondue restaurants in Chamonix, making this a local experience not to be missed. One of our favourites is La Moraine which specialises in fondue and raclette. This is a traditional Savoyard restaurant offering French and Swiss cuisine but it also has a modern flavour. The terrace at the back offers wonderful views of the Aiguille du Midi too. 

Treats in Courmayeur

As you wind your way through the cobblestone laneways of old town Courmayeur, in Italy, check out the amazing treats on offer. You’ll find local cheeses, delicious tarts, local meats and, pictured below, delicious gelato. It’s wonderful to have the change of food “scenery” and see all the delicious Italian food on offer!

Pizza in Courmayeur

After your afternoon treats, look forward to some amazing local pizza in Courmayeur. We love the Pizzeria du Tunnel: the stone and wood interiors inside give it a local lodge feeling. It’s the oldest pizza restaurant in Courmayeur with great service, decent prices and it also offers traditional Aosta valley dishes. However, pizza is their speciality, and they have over 30 different pizzas to choose from. The pizzas are huge, so you won’t be left hungry after all that hiking. 

Stopping for hot chocolate at mountain refugios

It is lovely to know there is an opportunity to stop for a refreshing reward while trekking this trail. Refugios are dotted along the way and serve a selection of food and beverages. The atmosphere at the refugios is fun and friendly and they are also a great place to have your picnic lunch. One of our favourite stops is Refuge Elisabetta which is at the bottom of Val Veny at an altitude of 2,195m. This is a wonderful location to take in the spectacular scenery while listening to the sound of glacier water rushing past outside. Soak up some sunshine while enjoying a rewarding hot chocolate on their new deck.


It is also impossible not to mention chocolate in this part of the world, and after hiking all day I loved enjoying the local chocolate on offer. You might like some of the Ancey Chocolatier treats in Chamonix which have been available since 1892 (their nougat is also delicious). Aux Petits Gourmands in Chamonix even offer a chocolate tribute to Mont Blanc called 4810 (the altitude of Mont Blanc), which is 10 grams of sugary deliciousness and a cute gift idea for family at home (if they make it home). You also can’t go wrong with a Toblerone – I love their tribute to the mountains for an afternoon snack. 


Written By

Diane McGuinness

Di lives in Chamonix in the French Alps and is a fully qualified International Mountain Leader and trekking guide. She has formidable knowledge of the mountains, culture and customs of the Italian Dolomites and Tour du Mont Blanc. She is also an enthusiastic connoisseur of Italian food and wine.

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