Guide (Japan)

Naoko Ito

Naoko san leads guided group tours along the ancient Nakasendo Way. Highly experienced, she is a certified tour guide, mountain guide and forest therapist.

Naoko loves nothing more than spending time in nature, whether it be forests, beaches or mountains. She is incredibly passionate about her homeland Japan, which she describes as “a fascinating land blessed with abundant nature, a place where mountains and seas intertwine”.

Guiding overseas guests brings her great joy, whether it be taking people into nature, visiting shrines or showing them the countryside. It’s important for her to give visitors a true sense of Japan.

One of the many things she loves about guiding is connecting with people and discovering the similarities and differences between all of us, despite our backgrounds.

A frank and open-hearted person, Naoko enjoys conversation and a good laugh. Her name ‘Naoko’ means ‘honesty’, something she will always be with you. A calm and kind person, Naoko says she always takes away beautiful memories from each guiding experience, which she stores in a treasure box in her heart.

Naoko is a keen traveller, both within Japan and overseas. She loves to experience the unique nature and energy of each place she visits.

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