04 Aug 20

Our International Mountain Leaders – Trekking in the European Alps

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RAW Travel is proud that only fully-qualified International Mountain Leaders lead all our guided treks in the European Alps, including Tour du Mont Blanc, the Italian Dolomites and Swiss Alps. They have many years of experience hiking in the European Alps, and they love sharing their experience and knowledge.

What this means for you…

Safety when things get challenging

Our guides are expertly qualified to lead challenging treks. In mountain environments like the Alps, the weather can change quickly. We know it is essential that you have an experienced guide who is well versed in mountain safety and navigation. Ours are trained in first aid and, should you need it, know the local evacuation procedures.

Qualifications that mean something

The International Mountain Leader qualification is the gold standard. Our guides have secured not only this qualification but also the necessary in-country permissions to work in the Alps. We don’t settle for anything less than their expertise and professionalism.

A passion for the mountains

They’ve led many successful Mont Blanc, Dolomite and Swiss treks, and want to share their love of the mountains with you. Many trek all over the world, not only in the Alps, so their knowledge of the terrain and varying conditions is excellent.

Knowledge, care and concern for the environment

They’ll help you appreciate the mountain environment, as they’re trained to demonstrate good stewardship and help you understand the area’s rich bio-diversity, history and culture. They study subjects such as geology, local flora and fauna, and local customs, and will be happy to share their knowledge and passion for the mountain environment with you.

Good company

Last but not least, our guides are good company. They’re used to guiding RAW Travel clients and enjoy it. Many of our guides have been leading RAW Travel trips for many years, and are firm favourites with our trekkers.


Written By

Dave Reynolds

Dave is the Director and Founder of RAW Travel. He has 30+ years experience in the adventure travel industry and is a passionate advocate for responsible travel and grassroots tourism. As a lifelong wanderer, he credits his incurable wanderlust to his Celtic ancestry.

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