European Alps

Inga Hoeltz

Inga was born and raised in East Berlin, Germany. Her family relocated to West Germany in 1989 just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. After settling into their new life and newly achieved freedom of travelling, Inga’s family explored many European countries on family holidays.

Inga relocated to Australia in 2012, stimulated by a working holiday experience in 2009 and having worked intensely with an Australia based company that offered her a role within their company. Inga fell in love with Australia once again and now considers Australia her second home.

Inga’s travel highlights include a two-month journey through India, which she considers her most meaningful travel experience; exploring the Old City of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea; Cuba, for its breathtaking nature, culture, music, historical city of Havana and vibrant carnival festiveness; visiting historical sites in Eastern Europe; and travelling throughout Australia, experiencing all its diversity.

Inga has walked RAW Travel’s Tour Mont Blanc Highlights trek during spring and loved hiking through three different countries and exploring three different cultures. She particularly enjoyed the spring weather conditions which varied from mild sunny days to fresh snowfall at higher altitudes.

Inga’s future travel plans include Alaska, Peru, South Africa and the Northern Lights.

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