Collette grew up in the UK and always loved to travel. When she came to Australia aged 18 she straight away fell in love with the country and never went home. After 2 years travelling around Australia, she settled in a small town in Queensland, then moved to Melbourne 11 years ago.

Collette is a mum to two beautiful girls who share her passion for travel and love of a good adventure. She enjoys being out in the fresh air finding new places and taking photos of her travels.

Collette has worked in the travel industry for 5 years, having completing Certificates III and IV in Travel and Tourism, and she has explored many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Her favourite destinations would have to be Spain and Italy. She adores Spain for its history, culture and its beaches and of course for the Camino. Italy definitely has her heart; her husband comes from Sicily and they love the food and culture. Her favourite town is Lucca in Tuscany. It has wonderful historical buildings, and is a great town to stop in for amazing Italian cuisine.

Collette loves going back to the UK and venturing out to her favourite city, York, walking through the shambles to get to York Minster and checking out the York Dungeons. With its Viking and Tudor history, it really is a beautiful city.

Collette Deliseo

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