Nakasendo Way Customer Experiences

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Nakasendo Way, Japan

Japan at it's best

“The Nakasendo Way was an amazing opportunity to see Japan at it's best in terms of history, culture and food. The scenery and natural environment of Japan was spectacular. The itinerary provided us with the experiences of both traditional and modern Japan. Our stay in ryokans was fabulous as was the introduction to many new foods and customs."

Patricia Williams, NSW – September 2019
Nakasendo Way - Self-Guided (8 days)

Fabulous food

"The meal on the first night at Nakatsugawa was probably one of the best I have ever had anywhere in the world. It was superb! The overall experience for the night was also great. The hot tub and food in Kiso Fukushima was also very good and the people in general along the way were so wonderful."

Graham Schultz, NSW – April 2019
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (5 days)

Food, Nakasendo Way
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More than I expected

"Walking the Nakasendo Way was more than I expected. The scenery was magical, the towns full of history and allowed us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in traditional Japanese culture. Would highly recommend this walk."

Margaret Taborda, NSW – April 2019
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

Wonderful journey!

"The 5 day self-guided walk organised by RAW Travel provided us with all the highlights of the Nakasendo Way that we were seeking. Three days of beautiful mountain, rural and urban walking was complemented with the unique experience and high levels of service in the ryokans. Overall, a wonderful journey that is highly recommended."

Peter and Helena Coon, NSW – March 2019
Nakasendo Way: Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

Nakasendo Way Originial Paving
Nakasendo Way Food

Authentic food & welcoming hospitality

"Wonderful hike and cultural experience. I loved the ryokans – where the owners where so welcoming and provided amazing food that we had never seen or eaten before. The hike was just enough to challenge us but not overwhelm us. The guide who met us at the beginning of the walk was very helpful. Everything went to plan. The cherry blossoms were an added bonus we didn’t expect."

Ann Louise Whitehouse, QLD – April 2019
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

Knowledgeable, Expert Guide

"We loved the Nakasendo Way walk through small towns, forests and rural areas of Japan. The local guides were fantastic because they provided valuable insight into the culture, people and history of Japan. This added richness to the experience which you would not have gained doing a self guided walk. The selection of ryokans (local inns) and Japanese banquets each night were excellent and made the trip unforgettable."

Andrew Cupit, ACT – April 2019
Nakasendo Way: Guided Group (8 days)

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itinerary was perfect

“We had such a great trip. The itinerary was perfect – with a mixture of forest walking, exploring villages and open farmland. The accommodation was excellent and the meals a real highlight. The planning by RAW Travel was excellent – thanks so much. An exceptional experience overall."

Jennifer Bryant, VIC – June 2019
Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

Great service

“RAW Travel has become our ‘go to’ travel expert when we begin planning another walking adventure. From planning to organising, staff are friendly, helpful and have first-hand experience. From walking notes, to bag service and accommodation, everything meets our expectations..”

Patrice Scales, VIC – April 2019
Nakasendo Way Self Guided (8 days)

Nakasendo Way, Japan
Nakasendo Way

didn't want it to end

"Our ‘Highlights of the Nakasendo Way’ self-guided walk was everything we could have hoped for. The local accommodation and food were exceptional. The immersion in local culture fabulous and the mixture of trails through small villages, forests and farmland kept us stimulated and intrigued. What a wonderful experience. My only complaint would be that we didn’t want it to end! Thank you RAW Travel – our walking tour was definitely the highlight of our Japanese sojourn."

Kim Elise Brodie, QLD – April 2019
Highlights of the Kiso Valley Self Guided (5 days)

most amazing experience

“We had a most amazing experience. Japan is a beautiful country and walking on the Nakasendo Way was magical. It was easy to navigate our way along the trail. The Ryokan’s were authentic and the Japanese people were hospitable and delightful."

Elizabeth Ford, NSW– March 2019
Nakasendo Way Group Self-Guided (8 days)

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