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Nakasendo Way, Japan

truly memorable trip

"What an amazing trip my son Patrick and I had on the Nakasendo trail.  The trek itself was breathtakingly stunning, but the real highlight was the places we stayed along the way.  All the accommodation was truly beautiful and the hospitality shown by the hosts was sublime.  The food they all provided for both breakfast and dinner was beyond our expectations.  This was a truly memorable trip. Thank you for providing such a well-organised, stress-free experience."

Sharyn Bailey (VIC), December 2018
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (5 days)

Fabulous food

"Highlights of this trip were meeting the 16th generation innkeepers at Ichikawa in Hosokute, and the fabulous food and private tub with a view in Kiso-Fukushima. The food was actually fabulous at all the places we stayed!"

Richard Ledgar (QLD), October 2018
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

Food, Nakasendo Way
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Loved the variety

"Loved the variety of ryokans, cuisine and cultural experiences, the beauty of the autumn foliage and scenery, and friendliness of the locals. Ukky, our local contact, was so helpful and responsive. He always made sure that in spite of the luggage hassles, we were having a good time and not letting that spoil our trip. We were so grateful to Sakai in Daikokuya, Masa in Nagataki and Masabi in Tsutaya who went above and beyond to show us the best of Japanese hospitality."

Frieda (NSW) – November 2018
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

Wonderful walking!

"Fabulous experience in a unique environment. Everything worked liked clockwork. It was great to enjoy our private onsen in Kiso–Fukushima looking across at the mountain range. The walks were wonderful, accompanied by gushing streams and waterfalls or the silence of tall, dark forests. Such an interesting cultural, environmental and culinary experience!"

Dianne Averis (SA) – October 2018
Nakasendo Way: Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

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Nakasendo Way Food

Authentic food & welcoming hospitality

"I stayed in a variety of traditional Japanese inns and ryokans, one over 160 years old, another run by a family who has been providing hospitality for 16 generations. Each dinner was a veritable feast of Japanese culinary tradition, and always with the staple rice and miso soup. One cannot fault Japanese hospitality. At every inn, my hosts were genuinely welcoming, accommodating and friendly.

Bill O'Brien (VIC) - August 2018
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

Knowledgeable, Expert Guide

"OMG, what a beautiful place! I really enjoyed Japan's countryside and the many waterfalls along the way. Our expert guide Ukky was very knowledgeable and fun. He knew the area so well. I highly recommend this trip and RAW Travel."

Ana Lainson (QLD) - July 2018
Nakasendo Way: Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

Nakesendo Trail Script

Loved the whole experience

“Absolutely loved the whole experience. The walk is very well signposted and the detailed information and images provided by RAW Travel make the self-guided walk a breeze. The helpful hints from Ukky (our tour orientation guide) and having his number as a contact if needed gave us confidence in our ability to manage the hike by ourselves. We loved it so much we were sad when it ended and we had to say goodbye to the peace and tranquility of the forest as we emerged from the path into Narai."

Geraldine McDonald (WA) – October 2018
Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

Great service

“I loved the service that was provided. The RAW Travel team and the hosts went above and beyond expectations to make sure we were comfortable and well equipped for this walk. I was able to experience a side of Japan I would have missed if I had only visited the major cities.”

Aimee Scurr (QLD) - July 2018
Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

Nakasendo Way, Japan
Nakasendo Way


“We thoroughly enjoyed our trip on the Nakasendo Way. The organisation of the trip and the notes were very helpful. We met like-minded people and walked the whole way with them. Loved the local cuisine at each destination and enjoyed walking through the local farming areas, trying to guess their processes. The weather was perfect and the local people very helpful and friendly. It was good to have everything organised and paid for before we left home."

Beth Gales (VIC) - November 2018
Highlights of the Kiso Valley (5 days)

FABULOUS autumn colours!

“Trip was fabulous! We were met at the agreed time and provided good information. The first ryokan was amazing. The hosts met us in the street and were marvellous. The walking was great a mixture of villages, forest, mountains. The autumn colours were unexpected and fabulous."

Vicki Tyler (WA) - November 2018
Nakasendo Way Self-Guided (8 days)

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