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The Nakasendo Way takes you through the Kiso Valley, with abundant mountainous forest, sacred Kiso Cypress trees and the beautiful Mt Ontake as your backdrop. For much of the time on the Naksasendo Way you will be walking through fields and villages seeing rural life in small-town Japan close-up. Discover the fascinating history of local Samurai connections and the post towns that connected Kyoto with Tokyo during the Imperial era. The well-preserved towns of Tsumago and Magome are well-known attractions, but there is so much more to discover!

The 1000 year old Kumano Kodo trail is a journey through history and offers a window into traditional Japan that contrasts strongly with its hyper-modern cities. The Kumano Kodo’s rugged, forested mountains, quiet rural valleys, rivers and waterfalls provide a spectacular backdrop for hikers. The seasonal contrasts of cherry blossom in the spring and rich autumn foliage inject wonderful colour along the hiking route. Hiking the Kumano Kodo really is a great immersion into Japanese culture.

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How t oprepare for your multi-day trek hiking in Japan

Explore ancient trails through traditional Japan

What makes Hiking in Japan so special?

Follow in the footsteps of former Emperors on Japan's great historical trails.

Ryokan & Minshuku

Stay in traditional Japanese guesthouses with lots of character and charming hosts

Culinary Delights

Enjoy delicious handmade regional Japanese food, made with fresh local ingredients. A feast every night after your walk!


Soak in an onsen each night in your accommodation to soothe your muscles (and spirit!) after a day of walking

 Japanese culture

A unique and quirky culture full of surprises - slippers, yukatas, multi-function toilets, new tastes and green tea KitKats!

Take a trip in the slow lane where you move one step at a time, away from the frantic modern world in which we live.