Download your Great Ocean Walk trekking guide

Discover Victoria's premier long distance walking trail. Each day on the Great Ocean Walk brings varied terrain and spectacular views. Enjoy breathtaking coastal scenery with deserted wild beaches, sheer cliffs, shipwrecks & a historic Lighthouse, giant mountain ash forests, pristine river estuaries, abundant wildlife, dunes and coastal heathlands. This is a walk of great variety as you hike towards the finish at the iconic 12 Apostles.

Download our free trek training guide which covers all aspects of preparing for your Great Ocean Walk and how to get the best from your trip with advice on training, gear, diet and much more. This information has been compiled from our Great Ocean Walk experts who have been leading people on this trip for 10 years.


Discover Australia's wild and wonderful coastal trail

What makes the Great Ocean Walk so special?

Nature and History

See kangaroos, koalas and other wildlife, wild deserted beaches, waterfalls plunging gracefully to the Southern Ocean, a historical lighthouse and remains of several shipwrecks.

Ever changing landscapes

Enjoy the variety of tall forests, coastal heathlands, wild rocky shores, river estuaries and windswept cliff-tops presenting amazing views..

Dramatic Coastlines

Some of Australia's most amazing coastal scenery, cutting through the Otway National Park where mountains and immense forests plunge dramatically to meet the Southern Ocean.

Take A Break

Take a break from your busy day-to-day life and escape into awesome nature, with pounding oceans and immense forests.

Our Guides

On our guided trips  you will be led by the most experienced team on the walk, locals & people who have an intimate knowledge of this area

Walk it your way

Escape for a long weekend or take on the whole walk over a week away we offer multiple guided set departures and self guided dates on demand