Why we’re different

Quality is more important than quantity

We have made an important decision to remain a niche operator and focus only on operating a limited selection of walks and treks. Our ambition is not to be the biggest but to really own the walks we offer so we can give our clients great support and expert, first-hand advice. That's why you'll never find hundreds of walks on our site; we'd sooner offer fewer trips but do them really well!

Destination experts

AT RAW, we train our staff thoroughly to ensure they are experts in the walks and destinations they look after. We regularly send our staff overseas so they can experience the walks we offer and immerse themselves in their specialist destinations. This translates to insightful and accurate advice for all of our customers - a far different prospect from booking a trip with someone who has never completed a long-distance walk or visited that destination.

Here's some of our RAW office staff out on the trails...

Boots on the ground & local relationships

Our leaders spend their lives out on the trail! That experience shines through on our guided trips with our team of qualified International Mountain Leaders. Plus on our self-guided walks we have RAW staff on the ground in-country to manage the logistics and to support you. These field teams are experts in their destinations and are on hand to help you with any issues that may arise during your trip.

We run our own operations on our most popular trips and we send more people than any other Australian operator on the various Camino routes and walks in Japan. The long-term, established relationships we have with hotels and guesthouses simply can't be matched by other operators new to the regions! RAW Travel clients are very well looked after because of the strong relationship we have with our suppliers. We can find availability where others can't!

When you travel with RAW, you get experienced leaders who love their groups, good quality accommodation and value for money. Click here to see more details of our leaders and ground staff

No need to compromise on comfort

We know that people desire a certain level of comfort along with their adventure. At RAW, we excel in choosing authentic accommodation with character that reflects the destination you are travelling in. 

While historic buildings may not be available on every night of your trip, where they are available we'll be sure to use them. We don't prioritise saving money by putting you into contracted hotels - we use the properties that work best for your experience. 

We take notice of the feedback you give us at each stage of your journey. Your opinions help shape our future trips. Check out our reviews page to read customer feedback about the walks you are interested in. 

A taste of the unique accommodation we use