Bhutan is one of those rare countries in the world that is quite unknown and mysterious. Having been closed off to the world in the past there are still very few people who have visited this spiritual Himalayan kingdom.

Walking in Bhutan is the natural way to explore this beautiful and serene country. Ancient trails continue to be used for pilgrimages, transport, and communication and it is on these trails that you will explore Bhutan. An expert local guide and driver will accompany you on your travels leading the way on the walks and offering an insight into the religion, culture and history of this little known country.

Our Bhutan trips are made up of a series of day walks so there is nothing that is too strenuous and there is always a comfortable hotel bed waiting for you at the end of each day.

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What makes Bhutan special

The Air

Breath in some of the cleanest air in the world in incredible Himalayan landscapes.


Find happiness in the land of Gross National Happiness.


Delve into a living traditional culture.

Ancient Trails

Walk ancient trails that are still used to this day for travel and transport.


Day walks, a personal guide and driver mean you walk day to day but spend each night in a cozy hotel.


Be among a select group of people to have visited this somewhat shy hidden kingdom.