Inga Hoeltz, European Alps Destination Expert

Slovenia is not only an attractive destination for its breathtaking landscapes, nature, and friendly people, it’s also one of the leading European countries when it comes to gastronomy. Slovenia offers plenty of opportunities to experience both traditional and modern cuisine of the highest quality.

Perfect prosciutto

Treat yourself to a tasty dish after a big day of hiking. Did you know that Kraški pršut (Slovenian Karst prosciutto ham) is air-cured? It obtains its unique distinctive flavour from the cold northeast wind in the Karst area.

Gastronomy Delights in Slovenia. Local Slovenian Prosciutto

Delicious dumplings

Žlikrofi (dumplings) are found in almost every restaurant in Slovenia. They are often filled with meats, potatoes and sauerkraut, and accompanied by melted butter or a delicious mushroom sauce.

Gastronomy Delights in Slovenia. Slovenian dumplings

Local wine

Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, is called “the city of vine and wine” because it is situated at the crossroads of the wine-growing Mediterranean, Karst, Alps, and Pannonian Basin regions. The Karst region is one of the areas where Slovenian wine is produced. This wine has a very full flavour due to the red Karst soil (terra rosa). On our guided Julian Alps & Coast trek you’ll have the opportunity to taste a selection of regional wines. Our self-guided Vineyards, Karst and Coast trek takes you through the beautiful Karst wine region.

Gastronomy Delights in Slovenia. Slovenian wine in barrels

Local brews

Slovenia has a huge amount to offer to beer lovers, too. Hops are grown in Slovenia and used locally. When exploring local brews, don’t miss those from Slovenian microbreweries, which produce small amounts of refreshing craft beers. The choice on offer is excellent and varied.

Gastronomy Delights in Slovenia. Slovenia beer

Pure water

The drinking water in Slovenia is of an incredibly high quality. Water from the tap is completely natural and safe to drink. For that reason, there is no need to buy bottled water while in Ljubljana and Slovenia.

The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so fall in love with traditional Slovenian world-class creations.

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