Lilia Akhtanenko, UK Destination Expert 

Five great reasons to choose a guided Coast to Coast trip.

RAW Travel’s Destination Experts have great reasons why joining our guided Coast to Coast trip is a great idea.

1. No drama hiking

You’re in great hands. RAW Travel’s highly-qualified UK mountain guides will escort you across northern England. We’re talking expert assistance when it matters: when you need to read a map, find a route or walk a fell.

2. No navigation skills required!

Nor will you need to decipher poorly-signposted sections yourself. Your guide will also inform you about the historical places that you pass, too (no need to reach for your phone).

3. An instant social life

In a guided group you’re able to share the experience with other like-minded walkers, and help each other hop over muddy bogs and streams of water. You’ll also have instant drinking/dining companions if you end your day at a local pub (which your guide can recommend).

4. We know our seasons

May is one of the best times to walk the Coast to Coast, as there’s generally good weather with less chance of rain than in June. Spring flowers will dot your path, and you’re more likely to hear the Borrowdale Cuckoos. A walk in August means you’ll see the heather flowering.

5. We transfer your bags while you walk

No explanation needed!

Make this the year that you say yes to Coast to Coast.

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