Meet our team of experienced guides and drivers have been escorting groups along the iconic Great Ocean Walk since it opened 10 years ago. When you travel with us you’ll have an unforgettable experience and end your journey with a rich understanding of the flora, fauna, history and traditions of the Great Ocean Walk.

Pictured above: Leader Eric Ward (far left) and Driver Lee Bryant (far right) with clients who participated in one of our guided walks.

Eric Ward (Leader)
Eric is our passionate, experienced and knowledgeable Leader on our Great Ocean Walk trips. Eric and his family have had their beach house on the Great Ocean Walk coast since arriving in Victoria 40 years ago. As a keen walker, mountain biker, ocean paddler and surfer Eric has explored every accessible part of the walk and loves this coastline because it has so many varieties of terrain and forest that provide constant changes with each season. Even during his spare time in mid-winter and summer Eric can be found on the Great Ocean Walk looking for new historical information and vantage points, adding to what is one of the best walks he has done worldwide. With Eric’s expert knowledge and leadership experience, he is able to accommodate clients of all abilities on this walk, from energetic fast trekkers to those just beginning to discover the many joys of multi-day walking. You can be assured that his easy-going nature allows for plenty of flexibility on our Great Ocean Walk trips.

Mark Brack (Shipwreck Expert)
You’ll meet Mark on all of our Great Ocean Walk guided tours. Mark was born and bred in the Otways. As the son of the lightkeeper at Cape Otway Lighthouse, Mark was raised by the sea absorbing the stories of lightkeepers, mariners and experiencing the treasures of the coast and hinterland. Mark is a very experienced guide and adapts his presentations to all levels. He will take you to places that are not accessible to the general public. Mark combines a great sense of humour with his in-depth knowledge and his tours are always a highlight of people’s time on the Great Ocean Walk. Mark was featured in the “Art of Walking” video made by Tourism Victoria as a recognition of his excellent local knowledge and entertaining, imaginative presentations.

Richard Collopy (Indigenous Guide)
We are blessed to have Richard as part of our Great Ocean Walk tours. Richard specialises in interpreting the environment from an indigenous perspective and offers a wealth of information about how the local flora and fauna have traditionally been used by indigenous Australians. Much of his work involves protecting and managing the cultural heritage within the region as a consultant to Parks Victoria.

Lee Bryant (Driver)
Lee is our support vehicle driver on all our Great Ocean Walk trips. A long time resident of Cape Otway, he knows this unique area like the back of his hand. Lee has been involved with running our trips here for many years. Self-guided walkers have Lee as a liaison and he provides a briefing at the start of the trips. His great sense of humour and cheery personality has brightened many a weary walker’s day with a welcoming cup of tea and a smile at rest stops.

Stu Holland (Destination Expert)
Stu is RAW Travel’s Great Ocean Walk expert in our head office and is passionate, knowledgeable and experienced about this iconic walk. He has knowledge of the tracks, the options and the trips and will use his knowledge of the walk to plan your group or individual travel. Stu will organise your travel arrangements so that your trip to the Great Ocean Walk is an unforgettable experience.